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Tips to Prevent Victim of Password Theft

The password is a very important thing for internet users. How not, by knowing the password of an account, one can break into the account and do anything about it.


For this reason, the combination of passwords must be made in such a way that the security can be guaranteed and passwords are not stolen by others. So, what things should be avoided internet users not to become victims of password theft?

Use Unique Password

Internet users, when you create an account, make sure to use a different password than others and not easily guessed.

Just the knowledge, there are 20 password combinations most easily predictable and of course, most vulnerable stolen.

Use Symbol Combination When Setting Password

Did you know, cybercriminals willing to do anything to steal passwords, including tested various letters to get a combination of matching keywords.

For example, cybercriminals use common words like “password”, “1q2w3e4r5t”, or guess other words.

To avoid this, you can mix letters and numbers. As well as insert a symbol character (such as punctuation or dashes) to make the password more powerful.

Make Sure It’s Not Originally Clicking on Links Sent via Email

You must have heard that password theft can be by phishing alias fake page.

Well, usually the link that directs the user to the fake page is sent to a private email. Cybercriminals lure gifts to keep us captivated.

For example, your notification email wins the lottery but includes a suspicious link. And came from a totally unknown party.

How to avoid this by increasing the SPAM filter to the highest setting. In addition, users can also be more observant when checking the links received. If it is suspicious and offers the lure of a gift, be sure not to click it.

Be careful when you start creating an account. Always remember some of these tips. Maybe useful.…

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Don’t do It while Charging the Smartphone Battery

Battery life is an important part of smartphones. Therefore, the battery must also be treated properly so that the quality is guaranteed. One way to care for the battery is by charging. However, some people sometimes do not follow the rules of good charging. Though this can keep the battery quality to stay durable.


Without length, here are five things that should not be done when doing it:

Use Fake Chargers and Powerbanks

Not only smartphones, support devices including chargers may also often be damaged. If that happens, we certainly need a new charger. However, there are some people who actually buy a fake charger for the reason of cheaper price.

For the good of the battery and smartphone, you should not use a fake charger. In terms of price is cheaper than the original product. But using a fake charger sooner or later will have an impact on battery and smartphone damage. This effect also applies if you use a fake Powerbank.

Always Use Fast Charging Feature

Fast charging feature is now available on many smartphones and very useful for users. Given the large battery capacity, you do not have to wait too long to charge the battery with fast charging.

Unfortunately, this features can be bad for the smartphone if it is too often used. Using fast charging means that it requires more voltage. It also produces hotter temperatures, which can last longer damage the battery.

Use Casing when Charging

This one point is still associated with temperature aka hot temperatures. Never allow the smartphone to use the casing during the process. If you include one of them, you should start now off the casing before connecting the smartphone to the charger.

Using the casing during battery charging process keeps the smartphone temperature much hotter. Damage due to it can occur in the short or long term.

Died Sleeping Overnight during Charging

This one thing until now is still a debate for some parties. Some are sure the danger of charging a smartphone overnight is a myth. But for those who believe, they judge the activity could damage the battery.

Should not charge the battery when you are sleeping at night. Charging in a long time can produce hot temperatures, including on smartphones and the battery itself. Therefore, you should be able to manage the time wisely when charging the battery.…

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Three Delivery Services That Make Life Easier

You work long hours, which means getting errands done takes up a lot of your free time. What if I told you that there are companies that bring your necessities to you? Many businesses have started delivering items directly to your home, making life much easier for you. Here are three options that allow you to put your feet up and relax on your days off.

1. Get Your Dry Cleaning Delivered to Your Home

Gone are the days of rushing to the cleaners after work or on the weekend to pick up your business attire. Some companies are extending their businesses to allow for the delivery of your cleaned clothing directly to your home. They are utilizing dry cleaning mobile phone software to make this service fast and efficient.

2. Have Your Groceries Dropped at Your Door

Forgot the milk or bread when you stopped at the store? You can order all your food items and have them sent to your home. Not only is this a great time saver, but it also helps you stay on budget and plan ahead for your meals. Frozen and fresh items are included in this delivery service, so no matter what you want, it will arrive at your home.

3. Schedule a Book Drop Off by the Library

Many libraries offer home delivery services of books and video media. If you have a library card for your local branch, you can search through their online catalog and select the items you are interested in. When you check out, request home delivery, and your selections arrive within a few days.

There are a lot of options to make getting your errands done more conveniently. Having your groceries, dry cleaning and books delivered home is a great option to free up time to relax on your days off of work.…

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3 Issues Email Management Services Can Tackle

Email maintenance solutions are becoming increasingly popular in a world where nearly everyone in personal and professional settings communicates via email. Look into email maintenance Visalia CA for more information about these solutions. Check out these three problems email management services can solve.

1. Volume

Many individuals have large numbers of email messages in their inboxes. This is usually because they do not check their email very often or because their email addresses were obtained by outside parties. Some people have thousands upon thousands of unread messages. For them, going through all those messages themselves is too difficult or too time-consuming. This is why they hire email maintenance professionals who can go through their emails in a systematic manner.

2. Spam

Spam, for many, is considered one of the most tedious aspects of having an email address. In this digital age, people have used their email addresses to register for accounts on various platforms. Several of these platforms have become victims of security breaches and cybersecurity attacks. Thus, millions of email addresses have fallen into the hands of spammers who send large amounts of messages in an attempt to extract sensitive information as well as money. Email management solutions can target and eliminate spam emails.

3. Disorganization

Having a disorganized email account can hinder one’s ability to work more effectively and efficiently. For example, if someone wanted to open a message that contained a very important document, he or she may have issues finding it if it was not placed in a specific folder, starred, or marked as important. Email maintenance professionals can build several folders and subfolders and place messages in them based on criteria that they or their clients develop.

Investing in email maintenance services can be very beneficial. Many individuals and businesses should consider taking advantage of it.…

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Finding the Right Auto Body Shop for Your Car’s Repairs

When you have any type of car accident, finding a place to get needed repairs can be frustrating. You may feel like you have no idea where you should take your car. If you are at a loss, consider these three ways to find a body shop that is right for you. You will be glad that you did your research when your car is back on the open road.

Ask for Recommendations

Your friends, family members and coworkers can be a valuable source of information when you are looking for a body shop. Ask them for recommendations. If the same name comes up in more than one conversation, it might be worth looking into that place. Hearing about other peoples’ experiences can help you make a better-informed decision.

Read Online Reviews

With the invention of online reviews, people now have valuable insight into how customers feel about certain businesses. When you do an internet search for an “auto body shop near me,” you will likely be given a lot of options. Before you choose where your car will be serviced, consider looking up what other clients say about the work done there.

Look at Examples of Work

If you are wanting something specific done to your vehicle, it can be helpful to ask if the auto repair technician has any experience with that. You can ask to see pictures of past work. This will give you a good idea of the quality of the work done at a certain body shop, and you will have a better idea of what to expect.

With so many body shops near you, it can be overwhelming to choose just one. When you do ample research, though, you will be able to find a shop that fits your needs. Consider these three ways to make that happen.…

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A Brief Guide on Finding the Best ATM Provider

Implementing an ATM or automated teller machine within your brick-and-mortar store can help you boost your business. Apart from that, it comes with a wide array of benefits that will mention throughout this article.

However, you should know that some business owners consider an ATM as an unnecessary expense, redundancy, and nuisance. It is vital to understand that this particular unit will not cause you trouble, but it can help you boost your profits and brand awareness, among other things.

According to numerous reports and studies, people that decide to withdraw money from automated teller machines in stores tend to spend a portion inside.

Therefore, by implementing an ATM, you can increase profit and revenue up to ten percent, which is a high percentage just because you added a machine that dispenses cash to your potential customers.

Another important thing is that you also need to find a professional who can help you deal with ATM service and repair to ensure that everything runs smoothly on a regular basis.

You probably understand by now that owning a single machine will make your customers feel more convenient and comfortable while boosting your sales, among other things.

Therefore, if you wish to install it to drive more customers to your store, it is vital to find a provider who will offer you the best option possible.

Free Placement

The first thing you should consider is whether you can find an ATM placement company that will provide you a free machine at your business premises.

Of course, you have to fulfill particular conditions, including high-density traffic, high frequency of visitors, and lack of machines within your area.

Keep in mind that if you are eligible for placement, you will get it without paying a cent. It will still drive people towards your store, but you will not be responsible for maintaining, repairing, and taking fees.

It is a great way to boost your business by taking advantage of your location.


On the other hand, if you wish to be entirely responsible for it, which means that you should conduct regular maintenance, repairs, pay for installation while getting everything out of it, you should purchase it.

However, this particular option comes with some downsides, including maintenance and repair expenses, but you will take everything from fees.

The easiest way to understand more about automated teller machines is by clicking here for additional information.


If you do not wish to invest large amounts into purchasing a machine, especially since you have to spare up to ten thousand dollars for the latest model, you should know

It is vital to consider a few things before you decide to lease a machine. First, you should determine whether it is a profitable investment for your particular location and business type.

The main idea is to determine whether you will profit by getting a proper machine, which is why we recommend you rent it beforehand to analyze the market.

We recommend you talk with providers to make sure that you get everything you wanted in the first place. Before that, it is vital to speak with a few vendors to compare them and ensure that you get the best option based on your budget capabilities.

Quality of Machine

This particular step is straightforward because it is important to check out your budget before making up your mind. That way, you can narrow your search down, especially since you can find numerous options available on the market.

Of course, we recommend getting the latest option with a wide array of exciting and convenient features, including access to people with disabilities and hearing impairment.

You can find a wide array of machines available on the market, and each one comes with exceptional quality. That is the main reason why you should choose based on your budget and overall experience.

Low-end units are cheap, but they are unreliable and unappealing to your potential customers. On the other hand, the latest options will always be more accessible and secure compared with others.


You should know that buying low-end models would come with obsolete software and hardware.

Suppose you wish to prevent the issues that will affect your overall situation. In that case, we recommend you get the latest model that features technology that will appeal to your potential customers.

You should check out this site: to visit an official website for ATM association.

Keep in mind that you should update, maintain and repair particular components to ensure that your machine remains competitive and relevant.…

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Top Benefits from Having Wireless Security Camera Channels

Back in the day, businesses were the only ones purchasing security cameras for their companies. Today, anyone can do it. You can see lots of people getting wireless multi-channel cameras for their homes to provide as much better protection as possible.

People recognized the benefits of something like this. Everyone wants to have one now. The best part of the story is, these cameras are not even expensive to be unavailable for someone. Anyone can buy them and install them wherever they want to have them. See what wireless security cameras are here.

In this article, we’re going to share some of the benefits coming from a wireless security system that films everything happening around their perimeter. Check out what we have prepared if you want to learn more on this subject.

You don’t need electricity to run them

The best thing about wireless security cameras is the fact that they work without the need for electricity. Most CCTV cameras we know require wires and connections to provide the needed service. These items work on an entirely different level.

They use the batteries to work and transfer the information through radio waves. The only thing that the owner needs to do is lock down the channel they want to transmit the information through. This way, no one can see what the security cameras are recording, except the person who owns it.

You can install them absolutely anywhere. A tree is a great place to install something like this because no one thinks of looking on trees to find out if someone’s recording them. At the same time, it is the best place to hire an item as trees are always full of branches blocking outsiders’ views.

You don’t need old-fashioned equipment

When you install something like this, it works on a different type of connection. There’s no need for a recording room and tons of TVs. Yes, you can place more cameras and set them up on different channels that all end up in a surveillance room, but this isn’t necessary anymore.

Technology changed, and now everything can be recorded and transmitted through the internet on your smartphone. With specially designed apps, you can see what the security cameras are recording at all times. If you see something suspicious, you can just click on one of the screens and see it enlarged.

Artificial intelligence changed the game

It’s 2021, and let’s face it, there’s nothing out there that isn’t being recorded. Just walking down the street assures you that you’re being filmed by at least a couple of lenses. A few of the surrounding buildings and at least one from the sky seeing anything you do outside.

There’s no public privacy anymore and anyone should accept this fact. When it comes to your cameras, you should know that they are now equipped with AI doing some crazy tasks people never would’ve thought is possible.

They are now capable to record and alert if there’s something suspicious happening. They can recognize weapons, dangerous situations, natural disasters, and many other things. When they notice something like this, they can act accordingly. Call for help, alert the owner, etc.

They are very affordable

The time when security was an expensive game is over. You can now order these items for a very affordable price and install them yourself. They are so simple to install, just like turning on the new smartphone you bought. There’s no need even for the instruction manual.

If you want to protect your assets, getting wireless multi-channel cameras is the best. You can install them anywhere, you don’t need to call for the pros about it, and you can order more pieces to place in the same room. It’s really easy to do. See more about home security here:


As you can see, there are more things to know before ordering one or more of these items. One thing is for sure – you’re doing an excellent job by ordering. They are so convenient, can be installed anywhere, you don’t need any electricity for them, and they can record everything. When you’re trying to choose the best, make sure it is functional and suits your needs. Everything else is just extra.…

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DC Electric Motors Offer Simplicity, Precise Control

Electric motors are found in a wide variety of commercial and industrial applications. By converting electricity into rotational force, electric motors drive machinery and are often found at the heart of industrial processes.

Designed to operate on either alternating current (AC) or direct current (DC), electric motors produce a rotating magnetic field that can propel a device with either rotation or linear force.

In a DC motor, voltage applied to the armature winding within the non-rotating field frame winding induces rotation. In an AC motor, coils in a stator produce a rotating electric field that induces torque around a rotor.

The Energy Information Administration estimates that motors used to power machinery consume nearly half of all the electricity used by the domestic manufacturing segment.

Powering Industry

Originally developed to replace complicated industrial power transmission systems that used belts, line shafts, compressed air or hydraulic pressure, direct current motors, such as supplied by DC motors Toledo OH, are typically found in production units, machinery that requires constant power such as elevators, power tools and small appliances, and industrial sorting equipment.

Direct current motors are favored in certain applications for the following reasons:

  • Simpler design reduces installation and maintenance costs.
  • Greater startup power and torque.
  • Faster response in start and stop times and in acceleration.
  • More precise control of power output.
  • Manufactured to operate on a variety of voltages allows flexibility in equipment design.

Brushless Motor Durability

Although the expected operating lifecycle of a brush-equipped DC motor is shorter than an AC motor, many brushless DC motor designs have comparable operating hours and greater efficiency. Brushless DC motors include control circuitry to manage speed and direction.

The use of small, 12- and 24-volt DC motors is increasing due to the growth in solar power in marine and RV applications due to solar’s generation of direct current electricity.

Due to their ability to start quickly, reverse and stop while offering precise control of rotation speed, direct current motors will likely remain popular for many years to come.

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4 Things You Should Clean When Moving Into a Pre-Owned Home

If you are moving into an older house, there are a few easy-to-miss areas you may want to clean before settling in. Even though the previous owners may have done some light cleaning before moving out, a deep clean is a good way to make a used home feel like new. Consider a few potentially dirty spots that you may not have originally thought to address.

1. Air

Depending on how old the house is, it is possible that there could be mold, allergens or other contaminants in the air. The best way to determine whether there are any air quality issues is to look into mold testing Portland Oregon. If you discover that there is mold in the house, you can then take the proper measures to treat and prevent it.

2. Ventilation Systems

Even though you cannot usually see inside them, it is important to clean the air ducts in your house and to replace any filters. Air ducts oftentimes become full of dust which then can blow out into your home. Consider hiring professionals to help you clean your ventilation system.

3. Drains

The inside of drains is also not something you normally think to clean, but these areas can often fill up with material that could eventually result in a clog. It is a good idea to remove any debris from drains when you first move in to prevent future plumbing issues.

4. Carpeting

Carpeting is much more difficult to clean than hardwood or tile floors. Some people choose to put in new carpet or to simply remove the carpet altogether. If new flooring does not fit in your budget, an alternative to replacing your carpet is to steam clean it. You could purchase your own carpet cleaner or hire professionals to help you with this.

No one likes a dirty home, especially when it’s not even your dirt. Give your family a fresh start in your new space by cleaning all those hard-to-reach areas right away.…