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Tips to Prevent Victim of Password Theft

The password is a very important thing for internet users. How not, by knowing the password of an account, one can break into the account and do anything about it.


For this reason, the combination of passwords must be made in such a way that the security can be guaranteed and passwords are not stolen by others. So, what things should be avoided internet users not to become victims of password theft?

Use Unique Password

Internet users, when you create an account, make sure to use a different password than others and not easily guessed.

Just the knowledge, there are 20 password combinations most easily predictable and of course, most vulnerable stolen.

Use Symbol Combination When Setting Password

Did you know, cybercriminals willing to do anything to steal passwords, including tested various letters to get a combination of matching keywords.

For example, cybercriminals use common words like “password”, “1q2w3e4r5t”, or guess other words.

To avoid this, you can mix letters and numbers. As well as insert a symbol character (such as punctuation or dashes) to make the password more powerful.

Make Sure It’s Not Originally Clicking on Links Sent via Email

You must have heard that password theft can be by phishing alias fake page.

Well, usually the link that directs the user to the fake page is sent to a private email. Cybercriminals lure gifts to keep us captivated.

For example, your notification email wins the lottery but includes a suspicious link. And came from a totally unknown party.

How to avoid this by increasing the SPAM filter to the highest setting. In addition, users can also be more observant when checking the links received. If it is suspicious and offers the lure of a gift, be sure not to click it.

Be careful when you start creating an account. Always remember some of these tips. Maybe useful.…

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Don’t do It while Charging the Smartphone Battery

Battery life is an important part of smartphones. Therefore, the battery must also be treated properly so that the quality is guaranteed. One way to care for the battery is by charging. However, some people sometimes do not follow the rules of good charging. Though this can keep the battery quality to stay durable.


Without length, here are five things that should not be done when doing it:

Use Fake Chargers and Powerbanks

Not only smartphones, support devices including chargers may also often be damaged. If that happens, we certainly need a new charger. However, there are some people who actually buy a fake charger for the reason of cheaper price.

For the good of the battery and smartphone, you should not use a fake charger. In terms of price is cheaper than the original product. But using a fake charger sooner or later will have an impact on battery and smartphone damage. This effect also applies if you use a fake Powerbank.

Always Use Fast Charging Feature

Fast charging feature is now available on many smartphones and very useful for users. Given the large battery capacity, you do not have to wait too long to charge the battery with fast charging.

Unfortunately, this features can be bad for the smartphone if it is too often used. Using fast charging means that it requires more voltage. It also produces hotter temperatures, which can last longer damage the battery.

Use Casing when Charging

This one point is still associated with temperature aka hot temperatures. Never allow the smartphone to use the casing during the process. If you include one of them, you should start now off the casing before connecting the smartphone to the charger.

Using the casing during battery charging process keeps the smartphone temperature much hotter. Damage due to it can occur in the short or long term.

Died Sleeping Overnight during Charging

This one thing until now is still a debate for some parties. Some are sure the danger of charging a smartphone overnight is a myth. But for those who believe, they judge the activity could damage the battery.

Should not charge the battery when you are sleeping at night. Charging in a long time can produce hot temperatures, including on smartphones and the battery itself. Therefore, you should be able to manage the time wisely when charging the battery.

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A General Overview of Magnetic Stirrers

A magnetic stirrer is a device used for generating a rotating magnetic field. The device has a small bar magnet and a plate or a stand with a rotating magnet, chargeable for creating a magnetic field. A magnetic stirrer is commonly used in chemistry or biology labs. It can perform practical tasks while taking care of essential elements and pressings. This article provides a basic overview of magnetic stirrers.

How a Magnetic Stirrer Works

The bar magnet is usually located in a vessel that has the liquid needed to be stirred. The container is set at the upper side of the stand, where the hastily rotating magnetic field makes the bar magnet rotate. This causes the liquid to stir. The main reason why magnetic stirrers are commonly used in lab experiments is due to their small nature.

Applications of Magnetic Stirrers

Magnetic plates or stirrers are applied across various industries. Generally, people conduct chemical and biological experiments using these instruments. If you intend to mix these components combined, a magnetic stirrer is the best option. Moreover, 2mag suggests that these instruments are also suitable for liquid or solid samples for getting a consistent liquid mix.

How to Use Magnetic Stirrers

The distinct magnetic field of a magnetic stirrer can mix a solution in a better manner. A person only needs to place the sample inside the device and start it. When the bar magnet in the device begins spinning, an exterior magnetic field is created. Furthermore, the small nature of this instrument makes it effective in any laboratory. This also enables the user to carry it from one place to another. However, it is essential to observe safety precautions when shifting the device.

If you intend to buy a magnetic stirrer as a first-time buyer, it is essential to look for a buying guideline. This enables you to purchase the best instrument based on your needs.…

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Shopping for Stone Cabinet Hardware

Shopping for Stone Cabinet Hardware

Stone cabinet hardware is quickly becoming a popular solution for cabinet and drawer handles and pulls. Traditionally, cabinet hardware has been made of metal, plastic, or glass, but stone creates a very unique and long-lasting look. Stone lasts as long as and is as durable as metal, plus it offers the unique characteristics and colors that glass and plastic do. Stone cabinet hardware matches perfectly with granite countertops or just about any modern d?�cor you are looking to complete. With all of the choices involved in selecting stone cabinet hardware, sometimes it can be difficult deciding which pieces will look the best in your kitchen. Here are some stylistic reminders to think about as you make your selections.


One of the main reasons people choose stone cabinet hardware is because of the style it invokes. While stone itself is very natural, it is also possible to be more or less natural with the style of the stone cabinet hardware. For example, knobs that are a simple polished stone are more natural than highly stylized marble or granite handles. On the other hand, people who really want a polished and formal look will appreciate chiseled marble or granite rather than a natural stone knob. It all boils down to personal preference and the style you are trying to show off.

The style of your stone cabinet hardware should match your personality as well as the rest of the room it is in. Rustic cabinets will pair better with a natural stone knob, while highly contemporary cabinets with smooth finishes and sleek lines will pair better with granite or stone handles, especially if the countertops are also granite.


The size of the stone cabinet hardware is also very important. While most stone pieces are rather small, when you start looking at stone knobs, you will see that some of the stones may be rather large. Also they are all different shapes, so the natural look continues. Just be careful that you do not get too carried away with that natural look. This can cause you to choose stone knobs that are just too large for the cabinets that they will go on. Remember to think about the size of the cabinets and the drawers and try to keep the size of the knob within the size of the trim around the outside of the door’s face.

Quality and Price

Stone cabinet hardware is typically more expensive than other types of hardware because the stone is rarer. The price goes up as the rarity of the type of stone increases. Granite stone cabinet hardware will cost more than polished river stones, and cut pieces of marble will cost quite a bit more than many other types of stone. Just remember to look at the stone very carefully before purchasing. True stone cabinet hardware will be rather heavy, so beware of elegant-looking fakes that are not real stone. They are typically made of plastic or acrylic, which is a lot lighter than true stone.

Another thing to check out in terms of quality is how the stone attaches to the rest of the hardware. For example, a stone piece that is all one piece and made completely out of stone may be of a higher quality than a piece of stone that is attached to a piece of metal. However, if you are looking at stone attached to metal, then make sure to feel the metal part of the hardware. If it is heavy also, then it is definitely a very high quality piece. Also look at how the metal attaches to the stone. If it looks or feels like it will come loose soon, then just avoid it.…

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Is it easy to get Internet services in Germany as a foreigner?


Can you really imagine your life without the internet? No one in this era can! Many people are even relying on the internet to earn their income as millions of people nowadays are freelancers. Keeping that factor aside, the internet is what keeps us connected to the world. You can get in touch with your family, get social, play games, watch movies, and thousands of other things, thanks to the internet. But what if you are shifting to Germany and thinking if you will be able to get good internet access there? Will you be able to get a good internet provider? Let’s discuss it all!

What is the internet quality in Germany and how fast is it?

Many of you might think that telecommunication in Germany is top-notch and incomparable. But when it comes to the internet connection and its speeds, unfortunately, that is not the case! Germany is regarded as one of the few countries in Europe offering slow internet speeds to its consumers. The average internet speed in Germany is only about 20 Mbps which is definitely slower for the current generation.

Aside from that, the internet is not really cheap if we compare it to the other European countries. Mobile broadband is even expensive and it would not really be a good idea to use mobile broadband internet for daily tasks.

But still, if you are living in a big city, you might be able to get your hands on a quality internet service without having any type of problems.

How easy it is to find internet providers in Germany as a foreigner?

Aside from the internet quality, you won’t really have to face troubles finding internet providers or services to offer you. There are a lot of internet providers you can get. In Germany, the most common internet connections are dial up, DSL, and wired connections. It depends on the service provider what it is offering to its customers.

What to look for in an ISP to get a reliable internet connection in Germany?

As I have stated earlier, the internet speeds in Germany are quite slower comparatively. But is there anyone to ensure you get a reliable ISP in Germany even as a foreigner? Well, yes, if you could keep the points mentioned below in mind!

1-   Connection Type

Connection type plays a crucial role in deciding how good the internet would be for you. For instance, satellite connection is usually the slowest, while fiber or wired connection is quite fast offering reliable connection to the customers.

2-   Speed

Of course, internet speed is what you will have to consider while opting an ISP.  It is better to go with the ISP that is at least offering more than 30 Mbps connection speed. Anything lower than that might create trouble downloading files or while streaming HD content.

3-   Reliability

What if your connection offers you great speeds but lacks when it comes to pings, latencies, and connection reliability? Well, your connection will be worse then. That is why it is better to check how reliable the connection is by sorting out the questions with the ISP first.


Yes, the internet in Germany might not be as good as the country itself is, but if you can keep some important factors in mind, you can get a reliable ISP for sure. So start searching for it right away and see what you can get.…

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Guide to Bluetooth Keyboards and Mice

Guide to Bluetooth Keyboards and Mice

As wireless and battery power technology improves, bluetooth products have grown to be a popular choice. It’s ever more commonplace for brand new sold laptop computers to provide built-in wireless bluetooth technology, or at least as an added option. Lacking built-in technologies, for desktop PCs, external USB bluetooth dongles are usually available for around ten to twenty dollars. The subsequent bluetooth enabled choices below are among the preferred options at this time mice and keyboards, and have all been given sound ratings:

Bluetooth Keyboard Choices:

When compared to mice, you’ll find comparatively fewer numbers of bluetooth keyboards offered, which results in a few brands and models that stand out over the rest. These select few are the Microsoft Mobile 6000 Keyboard, IOGear Multimedia, and the Logitech diNovo Edge.

The Microsoft 6000 Keyboard features a streamlined dark minimalist design and it is the nearest in likeness to a typical full sized keyboard layout, but with a separated tenkey pad. The IOGear featuring its array of multi-media controls, built-in laser-trackball and scroll wheel, is aimed towards multimedia system lovers and is ideally suited for use with a home theatre pc or media center. Thirdly, the Logitech diNovo Edge is a high end device, showcasing a large unique layout of outstanding construction. The features include things like a touchpad, large volume slider, as well as backlighting. It is a favorite amidst both multimedia and home theatre users.

Popular Bluetooth Mice Choices:

There’s a broad selection of bluetooth mouse options to choose from, primarily aimed at at the laptop computer user. Bluetooth enabled mice are usually smaller sized than desktop mice, at least compared to the larger ones. Bestselling choices may be the Microsoft 6000 Mobile Mouse, Logitech V470, and For gamers the Razer Orochi.

The Microsoft Mobile 6000 Mouse is a solid model and incorporates Microsoft’s own Bluetrack Technology, allowing for it to work on nearly any surface. Logitech’s V470 is slightly larger and more rounded, and currently is the most highly rated mouse between both Mac and PC owners. Lastly the Orochi from Razer is a dual-function mouse, enabling you to use it both in its bluetooth wireless mode or plug it in for greater response times(8ms bluetooth vs 1ms wired). This is more than likely the best pick for gamers, as small response times are critical in hectic games like first person shooters(FPS) and real time strategy(RTS) especially.

Bluetooth and Mouse Combinations:

Only a few keyboard and mouse combos,, but Logitech has a very strong offering with the MX 5500 combo bundle. It’s distinct because featured in the combo is a desktop sized bluetooth mouse, the MX Revolution Laser, that is potentially the singular one offered currently. The mouse is able to work on virtually all surfaces, and includes two scroll wheels – a rapid scrolling one and an additional one for click-to-click navigation. Its keyboard counterpart features a large LCD screen that is perfect for use with playing songs, doing calculations, and notifying your of messages, and certainly keeping track of time. It’s a very good choice from an excellent provider known for its strong construction and excellent customer service.…

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Samsung Offers a Budget Alternative in the Samsung C3050

Samsung Offers a Budget Alternative in the Samsung C3050

The Samsung C3050 is a phone which has been added to Samsungs extensive range for one purpose, and that is to offer a low cost alternative phone which still offers viable functionality and at a budget price. The market for replacement handsets is growing exponentially, whether due to loss of a handset or malfunction and Samsung has answered the call by offering this phone. This phone offers a wide spectrum of features and also has the style of a more expensive phone.

The phone provides a camera which is VGA quality and at a resolution of 640 x 480 pixels and is suitable for photo taking whilst on the move. Coupled with the fact that the phone also provides the alternative means of video capture to ensure moments are captured for posterity makes this phone a viable alternative. Internal memory on this phone is 15 Mb but is expandable via the microSD slot up to 8 Gb, which is a large amount of storage and provides hours of entertainment.

The MP3 player and FM stereo radio offer the means to listen to either downloaded music files, of which this phone will accept all the major audio file formats as well as the ability to listen to local and national radio stations to catch up on the latest news and weather of your favourite radio DJ.

The 2.0 inch TFT screen has a resolution of 120 x 160 pixels and displays 65,000 colour variants which ensures a clear and crisp image is displayed with vibrant colours. GPRS and EDGE are offered both of which are class 10 as well as blue tooth and USB both version 2. Voice memo and an organiser as well as mobile tracker are also provided to conclude the comprehensive list of functions.

The Samsung Stratus provides a number of useful features and an impressive styling which belies its price range. Its aim is to satisfy the needs of the budget market but without compromising quality and functionality, it achieves this with a phone which offers form and function at a price few can beat.…

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Upcoming Samsung MP3 Players – iPod Killers?

Upcoming Samsung MP3 Players – iPod Killers?

We are waiting with breathless anticipation the release of Samsung’s new Ice Touch and My Fit MP3 players, which could happen any day!

The last great multimedia player, the P3, was introduced by Samsung Electronics America, Inc., over 17 months ago. The P3 was chosen as an honoree in the CES Innovations 2009 Design and Engineering Awards for the way Samsung combined a high-end design with quality multimedia playback. The 3-inch touch screen on the P3 units allow for enjoyment of photos and videos on a widescreen 16.9 aspect ratio. Adding a new level of connectivity between the player and its user, the P3 includes Samsung’s upgraded EmoTureA� touch interface. Located just below the touch screen, the Music Hot Touch Key will allow the consumer to choose music without having to move through various menus. Until the release of Samsung’s newest MP3 players, which is expected any day, the P3 player is probably the best one in the industry.

The arrival of Samsung’s newest MP3 players is expected any day, and they will have tremendous appeal to two distinct groups of consumers. Give a big hand for Samsung’s new MyFit and IceTouch MP3 players!

The IceTouch is a Samsumg MP3 player that plays both music and videos with exceptional quality. It will be available for purchase in either 8 or 16GB units. Because it is loaded with applications to support many other features, such as a photo album and a high quality video player, the IceTouch MP3 player will bring more versatility to the table than has any other MP3 player before it. The IceTouch has a feature that will also allow the consumer to connect it to a home stereo system, which is made possible by its DNSe 3.0 and 5.1-channel sound enhancement technology. The IceTouch’s most unique feature is its transparent full color 2 inch Active Matrix Organic Light Emitting Diode transparent touch screen. The touch screen is completely unique because you can see through it from either side, thus earning the name “ice.” It allows you to scroll through the options from either side of the screen. If you have been waiting for an MP3 player that combines extraordinary quality both in music and visual features, be assured that your wait will be well rewarded! The futuristic transparent screen will add to your enjoyment of having something that is truly a first of its kind.

The other MP3 player that we are waiting for is the MyFit, which is the first to incorporate an amazing variety of fitness tools with music. This player might even convert a couch potato into a health advocate, because it is so easy and enjoyable to use. This MP3 player also comes with DNSe 3.0 sound enhancement technology and an FM radio. It also comes in 8 and 16GB capacities. The units can be fully customized for entertainment enjoyment, yet they will support those seeking to live more active lives. Music can be collected into a jogging playlist and a simple Tapping Control Jogging mode will allow the user to easily change to the next song without interrupting a workout. MyFit provides the first fat and stress sensors located on the top of the player which measures the user’s fitness indicators and helps keep people on target with their fitness goals. Users can record the number of calories consumed with the included database, and calories burned while exercising are automatically tracked. Two additional applications which are built into the MyFit include a water intake manager and a stop-smoking program.…

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What are Submersible Pumps?

submersible pump is a centrifugal water pump designed to be fully submerged in water. A centrifugal pump refers to a pump that uses a motor to power an impeller that rotates and pushes water to the ground. For the pump to be submerged in water, the motor needs to be sealed in a waterproof compartment that keeps out water. It is then placed close to the body of the pump it powers.

Submersible pumps are inserted into a water reservoir that needs drainage or pumping out. They are used for pumping water into tanks, draining areas filled with water from floods, emptying ponds, pumping sewerage, draining swamps, and at times as pond filters. In a way, filtration pumps used in fish tanks are a type of submersible pump.

What are the Advantages of Submersible Pumps?

One great thing about submersible pumps is that they don’t make a lot of noise, since water absorbs much of the noise. You can use them in areas that require minimal noise, such as areas near schools or offices.

Another advantage is these pumps do not consume a lot of energy since they do not have to suck water. By being submerged in current water, they only need to pump water out, which makes them perfect for saving on energy.

What are the Disadvantages of Submersible Pumps?

One major disadvantage of these pumps is that they corrode over time because of being submerged in water for a long time. The corrosion might eat at the waterproof seal, letting in water into the motor compartment. That can ruin the motor, and the pump altogether.

Another disadvantage of these pumps is that the waterproof seal covering the motor makes it tough for technicians to access the motor during repairs. And even after successfully accessing the waterproof compartment, it is even tougher to store it in the original waterproof state. If not properly tightened back to an airtight state, water might leak in after repairs and ruin the motor.

Final Thoughts

Submersible water pumps are pumps that are submerged in water. They are used for pumping water from a tank or a water reservoir, or for draining water in areas such as swamps.