Many of you are definitely curious about the benefits of Best drones under 200. This expensive stamped tool is very useful and in the future guaranteed we will often meet it.

If you follow technological developments, then you must already know what a drone is. Drones are devices that operate in the air, much like smaller planes or helicopters, and are controlled via remote control. Then what is the benefit of drone?

Initially, the drones were used by the military to carry out intelligence activities as well as the delivery of goods. Intelligence activities such as monitoring the part of a very dangerous area.

It turns out as the times progressed, the drones were used precisely to perform other activities, such as helping during selfie. But in America, one non-profit organization has found a new innovation that uses drones and can be a revolutionary one.

The organization of the Lindbergh Foundation is an organization that focuses on the environment as well as nature conservation. They recently collaborated with one of the technology companies called Neurala.

Both sides took advantage of their cooperation by combining drone technology to fight animal hunters on the African Continent. As we know, Africa has many animals to protect, such as elephants and rhinoceros.

On the one hand, there are many people there who illegally want to exploit the wealth produced by them especially the elephant ivory and rhino horn. Through this collaboration, using the drilling technology from Neurala, these hunters can be traced and acted upon. This is the first time a professional drone is used professionally to track down illegal animal hunters. So how does it work?

By using artificial intelligence (AI) technology, this drone flies periodically to see vulnerable areas. The drone will record and will broadcast live conditions at a place. At night where the time is prone, the Neurala uses infrared ray technology.

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