Netflix is easily the worlds most popular movie, television series, and documentary streaming provider but depending on where you’re located, the content you’re able to watch will change. Now for many, this will not be a big problem but for others that travel a lot or want to be able to see content in other countries/regions, this can obviously become quite a big deal.

So What is the Answer?

VPNs or virtual private networks have always been the answer when it comes to getting around geo-restricted content but in recent years services providers such as Netflix have cottoned on to this and taken steps to ban incoming connections from people using VPNs.

They have been fairly successful with this but there are still a  good number of VPNs that works with Netflix. By using a Netflix VPN you should be able to unblock Netflix and its content so that you can enjoy it no matter where you’re located.

Which VPNs are These?

Well, we do not pretend to know as many as you’ll find over at but we do know that the following VPN providers are known to be able to consistently beat any blocks put in place by Netflix.

·         CyberGhost

·         PrivateVPN

·         NordVPN

Each of those VPNs has a reputation for always being ahead of the game and will be able to once again enable you to watch Netflix content that might be blocked in your region.

How do VPNs Work?

Think of a private network that is encrypted where each computer speaks directly to each other. Your computer will connect directly to your chosen VPN server somewhere on the planet and from then on in, all of your web activity will be done via that server. Whether you surf the web, watch Netflix, or download torrents, your activity will be completely private.

In fact, while you might be interested ina  VPN simply so you can watch Netflix, there are many other reasons why others sign up as you can see above. Your internet activity cannot be tracked even by your ISP and this means that you will not be targeted with ads from marketing companies that know your browsing history.

Your connection to the VPN is encrypted and completely secure meaning nobody will be able to decode the traffic and data that is being sent between your computer and the server.

Is There a Free VPN for Netflix That Works?

We are not quite sure but we would be surprised if there were as free VPNs are not always that great. You might be able to find some free trials with paid VPNs like those shown above that will give you free access to Netflix for a specific amount of time but you will eventually have to start paying.

Besides, VPNs really do not cost much each month, especially if you pay for a year upfront. You’’ be talking less than $5 a month in most cases and sometimes even half that.

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