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Property Marketing: Tips for Improving Website Visibility

Search engine optimization (SEO) is among the most important property manager marketing tools. Yet, you’re certainly not the only property manager engaging in SEO strategies–you’re being challenged by many other rivals for the highest search results page rankings. You can beat competition by preparing a strong “offense”, and below are ways to ensure your property management website is that the first that prospects see when searching for the next apartment to call their home:

Taking Advantage of Sites and Maps to Boost Rankings

The effectiveness of your online presence depends on how well you position your website for searches. That effectiveness cannot be achieved by doing what everyone else is, rather, you need to leverage unique branded items. Avoid running with the general keywords that your competitors often utilize to achieve good search engine rankings.
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Since competition for the 10 most prominent organic search engine home listings, SEO marketers need to utilize short-, one-line keywords that boast the highest chance of top ranking as well as invoking a map. For example, promoting your property’s neighborhood, nearness to unique local attractions, and amenities may have a better impact that mentioning general phrases like bedroom size, which many competing apartments may also have.
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However, your property manager marketing tools must leverage PPC at the outset to reach top rankings without delay and produce visits to your website. Because paid ads display first above others, your website will receive more prospects immediately. The objective is to promote your brand and enhance your rankings, with searches triggering a Google map. A Google map that comes up alongside your apartment search engine listing provides prospective tenants with an immediate visual introduction to the location and community of their possible next home.

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Consumer-Centered Apartment Marketing

A look into the search phrases that most tenants write when looking for apartments to rent indicates a more specific search that it used to be, for example, 25 years ago. This means that a property manager has to personalize their apartment marketing content around the specific anticipated concerns of prospective tenants. Take time to figure out the ‘consumer pain points’ for the prospects you know to be searching for a rental apartment. It is the pain points that should be addressed not only in your overall website content, but also in SEO keywords because these have been determined to be the primary focus of many Google searches for your niche.

If you run an effectively visible apartment website, it’ll achieve most of the difficult marketing tasks for you, usually within a reasonable budget. It’s easy to reach top Google rankings and prevent your rivals from occupying the number one slot if you leverage SEO marketing that resolves your prospects’ exact pain points.