Your cell phone does more than make phone calls for you. It checks your email, lets you communicate with friends and family through social media, and is your calculator, weather report, and shopping list. When it breaks and you get a new one, there are multiple options you can take with your old phone. Here are a few ideas to explore.

Recycle It

Visit your local shop that does cell phone repair odessa tx to see if they recycle old devices or if they can recommend someplace that will. The shop might be interested in purchasing the equipment from you to use for parts. Reusing the components of the phone helps the environment by keeping dangerous pieces of it out of the landfills. Research which companies will follow the guidelines put in place to ensure the device is taken care of properly.

Reuse It Yourself

You can find uses for your old cell phone that can replace the tasks of other equipment in your house if it is unable to make calls or send texts. You can use it to compute equations with the calculator that is installed in the apps. You can designate it to play music in your car instead of your new phone or the radio. You can set it next to your bed and use it as an alarm clock also.

Donate It

Domestic abuse shelters and veterans organizations look for old cell phones to give to those they serve. This gives these people who need it a means of communication in the event they need help or assistance. Call one of these places in the area in which you live to see if they could use your device. You can also donate to the robotics program at your local school. Depending on the model, they can utilize it to make their robot function.

By lexutor