Virtualization – A Quick View

Today most companies have heard about, know about or are considering virtualization for their IT and voice equipment. Hoping to reduce IT infrastructure and have a lower cost of ownership while continuing to improve productivity continues to be what companies strive for. Virtualization offers this solution. With so many servers needed today for the applications to run businesses and the desire to reduce that, plus increase the uptime for all functions and continue to have the flexibility with Unified Communications, companies will continue to look to virtualization as the answer.

An IP Phone system can easily be virtualized. Since Unified Communications are being delivered via this IP system with functions like telephony, voicemail, collective on site and remote employees being available at almost any time for meetings, messaging, decision making, integrating the IP system onto a virtual platform will only increase the value and efficiency of the applications.

Some key reasons to virtualize are better server utilization, redundancy, and disaster recovery.

Capitalizing on integrating your servers inside a virtual environment can reduce hardware costs and reduce the need for space which will save cost. Continuous administration requirements can be reduced along with lower energy costs. This kind of efficiency can deliver significant financial benefits.

No company wants to experience the horrors of downtime. This is probably the most costly exposure a business can have. Providing a platform to protect and ensure the fact that the business keeps running, and no data is lost while still keeping your costs under control is something that is key to everyday survival. Virtualization can provide this redundancy.

With disaster always around the corner having the security of centralized backup in either public or private cloud solutions guarantees you the most comfortable way to provide ongoing redundancy. It is flexible, efficient, cost effective and less complex than having your key, multiple IT and voice, functions provided by continuous on site management.

In the data and telephony world no one knows the importance of having the continuity of voice, data and messaging applications in place until it is gone or not available. With IP systems and networks delivering all of these functions having a secure redundant infrastructure like virtualization can mean the difference in panic versus comfort.

You can leave the management and day to day functions to a easy single virtual platform easing your mind and still reducing cost. One of the solutions of choice is VMware which can provide the ability for a backup virtual server to automatically kick in when and if a primary server fails with continuing maintenance to protect connectivity and information flow.

Think about virtualization for your data and voice needs as both are critical to business continuity.

By lexutor