A happy customer is a happy business, and customer support is an integral part of every successful business. Maintaining happy customers is simple in theory, but in practice, it takes efforts to achieve it. In fact, studies reveal that buyers are four times more likely to go feeling disloyal rather than loyal after a service interaction with a seller. Fortunately, businesses have put in place support channels to help them in efficient customer service, and video is one of the most used tools to ensure effective customer service. You must be wondering the best and most influential applications you can use when using video in enhancing customer service. Well, you can try 5 ways customer support can deliver better service in the digital economy. The article highlights the most powerful applications that will impact positively on your customer service.

How-to videos

It is a simple application that engages your customers effectively. Rather than letting your customers strain to explore your new products, which consumes not only time but can be confusing especially when the product is complicated, consider using how-to videos. The video will walk your customers through the functions and features of your products. Produce a how-to video and ensure that it demonstrates product using visual aids instead of giving instruction manuals or letting your customers scour other sites to look for answers.

FAQ videos

FAQ pages give existing buyers and potential buyers the opportunity to get vital information without hassling hard, which explains why the pages are a standard feature on websites of many businesses. FAQ pages are usually long, and it can be frustrating and time-consuming for customers. FAQ videos are better than the pages because they can walk a customer through specific processes such as paying bills, scheduling delivery, and finding various products using visuals, which is simpler and faster than the pages. Besides, companies can create a catalog of FAQ videos on the web pages and give answers to social media queries by giving a link to the relevant video.

Customer review testimonials

Clients can get reviews from other clients on social media or the company’s website. Buyers can share their experiences and thoughts on products and services offered by a company to assist others to decide. After all, 80 percent of customers trust reviews just as they trust personal recommendations. You can ask satisfied clients to give testimonials as a way of providing prospective buyers peace of mind as well as cultivating a positive image for the company. You can come up with a more engaging and authentic overview of products and services by asking satisfied clients to record brief videos explaining how the company’s services or products have positively impacted their lives.

Live video chats with customers

A live video chat enables your buyers to start a conversation with your support by just a touch of a button. The tool allows for customers to resolve their issues by speaking to customer support and get their queries answered. Live video chats are fast and offer more personal customer service because they entail engaging face-to-face conversations, which allow customer support to read body language and deal with the situation appropriately.

Videos have the power to assist you to build strong connections with your clients. They also enable companies to offer convenient and fast support. Companies ought to incorporate video into their customer service strategies to allow them to stand out from their competitors.

By lexutor