Upcoming Samsung MP3 Players – iPod Killers?

We are waiting with breathless anticipation the release of Samsung’s new Ice Touch and My Fit MP3 players, which could happen any day!

The last great multimedia player, the P3, was introduced by Samsung Electronics America, Inc., over 17 months ago. The P3 was chosen as an honoree in the CES Innovations 2009 Design and Engineering Awards for the way Samsung combined a high-end design with quality multimedia playback. The 3-inch touch screen on the P3 units allow for enjoyment of photos and videos on a widescreen 16.9 aspect ratio. Adding a new level of connectivity between the player and its user, the P3 includes Samsung’s upgraded EmoTureA� touch interface. Located just below the touch screen, the Music Hot Touch Key will allow the consumer to choose music without having to move through various menus. Until the release of Samsung’s newest MP3 players, which is expected any day, the P3 player is probably the best one in the industry.

The arrival of Samsung’s newest MP3 players is expected any day, and they will have tremendous appeal to two distinct groups of consumers. Give a big hand for Samsung’s new MyFit and IceTouch MP3 players!

The IceTouch is a Samsumg MP3 player that plays both music and videos with exceptional quality. It will be available for purchase in either 8 or 16GB units. Because it is loaded with applications to support many other features, such as a photo album and a high quality video player, the IceTouch MP3 player will bring more versatility to the table than has any other MP3 player before it. The IceTouch has a feature that will also allow the consumer to connect it to a home stereo system, which is made possible by its DNSe 3.0 and 5.1-channel sound enhancement technology. The IceTouch’s most unique feature is its transparent full color 2 inch Active Matrix Organic Light Emitting Diode transparent touch screen. The touch screen is completely unique because you can see through it from either side, thus earning the name “ice.” It allows you to scroll through the options from either side of the screen. If you have been waiting for an MP3 player that combines extraordinary quality both in music and visual features, be assured that your wait will be well rewarded! The futuristic transparent screen will add to your enjoyment of having something that is truly a first of its kind.

The other MP3 player that we are waiting for is the MyFit, which is the first to incorporate an amazing variety of fitness tools with music. This player might even convert a couch potato into a health advocate, because it is so easy and enjoyable to use. This MP3 player also comes with DNSe 3.0 sound enhancement technology and an FM radio. It also comes in 8 and 16GB capacities. The units can be fully customized for entertainment enjoyment, yet they will support those seeking to live more active lives. Music can be collected into a jogging playlist and a simple Tapping Control Jogging mode will allow the user to easily change to the next song without interrupting a workout. MyFit provides the first fat and stress sensors located on the top of the player which measures the user’s fitness indicators and helps keep people on target with their fitness goals. Users can record the number of calories consumed with the included database, and calories burned while exercising are automatically tracked. Two additional applications which are built into the MyFit include a water intake manager and a stop-smoking program.

By lexutor