Turning that Hobby into a Second Income

Hobbyists, people who enjoy making crafts, and small business owners can now earn more income if they so desire. The reason some people do not sell their work or do not offer a common service is that they do not have the space or capacity to provide items on a regular basis. Etching, engraving, cutting, creating edging, and marking materials or products can be time-consuming and difficult when done by hand or traditional methods.

That results in more time needed for each project, and a more labor-intensive process. Creating model airplanes or trains is a popular hobby. It can also demand top dollar at trade shows, craft fairs, and expositions. Hobbyists with experience can turn those items out quickly but get caught up in the marking aspect of the final design. Creating stencils for decoration, edging for wings or cars, and marking the bottom with contact information takes a lot of time.

Speed Up the Process

Advanced technology has made it possible for laser machines to be manufactured in a smaller size that is perfect for use in limited spaces. When most people hear laser technology, they think of huge cutting, engraving, and etching machines used for mass production. A small free-standing machine or a desktop model does not even enter the mind. It is time to alter that perception and explore possibilities.


A small business owner of a gift and card store with a physical location may not have had the space or resources to purchase an engraving machine for offered products. Adding that service will boost sales and attract new customers. The affordable and fast machine may also allow the owner to offer engraving or etching free of charge for items purchased at the store.

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Laser machines can also cut and engrave materials a traditional engraving machine cannot, such as medical-grade alloys, plastics, or even paper. A laser machine is faster and more precise so the job is done before the materials can be damaged. That translates to creating cake toppers, unique signage for the model train village, or simply making innovative and one-of-a-kind decor for the home or yard.

Not all manufacturers have mastered the ability to produce smaller models of laser machines. Research companies by seeking independent reviews of the product in which you are interested. The chance to see customer reviews here will provide insight into the strengths and any weaknesses of a specific machine.