Top Tips For Hardware Maintenance

In the modern world, hardware maintenance is something that affects us all. Whether it is in schools, hospitals or in the vast world of business, ensuring your computer equipment is in good working order is essential for smooth running of all activities. In this article we’ll look at some of the central issues surrounding hardware maintenance. By taking this advice, you’ll reduce the risk of anything happening to your PCs, servers and other basic computing equipment.

There are times when you need to change a part or indeed a plug on your computer system. If this eventuality occurs, then it is a very good idea to shut down your computer before doing so. There could be some exceptions such as serial port devices or ethernet interfaces. You can refer to your manual if unsure.

It is also a good idea to utilise anti-static mats and/or wrist straps. The use of this item can help to reduce any negative effect caused by static electricity – in worst cases this could alter the data on your hard drive; even a small change could have catastrophic effects on a company or organisations data retrieval ability.

While this may seem an obvious thing to say to those familiar with hardware maintenance, it is a good idea to be very gentle when seating boards, computer chips, connectors and other devices of this kind. Being too rough or adding components too quickly can lead to damage occurring; considering the cost of some of these devices, caution is advisable.

It is important to keep your computer systems as clean as possible. This is a something of a golden rule in hardware maintenance. It is particularly important as regards air filters and ventilation paths.

It is also a good idea to keep your hardware powered up all the time – the constant turning on and turning off of the computer wear out the components more quickly than would otherwise happen. One exception to this would be the video display which can suffer from screen burn if left on for too long (screen burn is the process by which an image regularly or constantly on screen will burn itself onto the screen).

Another common sense step towards good hardware maintenance is that of ensuring you and no-one in the vicinity consumes any food or drink around the computer machinery. To eliminate the risk of a power surge it is a very good idea to attach a power surge suppressor to the power line.

Overall, a little preparation and common sense will make your hardware maintenance a lot easier.

By lexutor