Top 4 Laptop Computer Hardware Problems

Laptop computers are the popular digital means in our technological world. They are small, folding, portable and performing basic and even more functions than desktops. However, as every item, they break, fail and malfunction. What are the most common laptop hardware problems that give the biggest headache to users? Here is the list:

1. The most frequent trouble with laptops is broken screen hinges with possible screen fracture. As we know laptop performs two functions. First, it processes the information, using the hard drive, RAM memory, processor and other units attached to the motherboard. Second, the whole information is displayed on the flat possibly LCD (or other) screen, which is connected with the main system through hinges, that might also hide all the wires. It is one of the most sensitive parts and cracks very often. Putting a laptop carelessly on a coffee table, with the wires all around, or letting your cat or dog or children walk or run around the wires is enough to attribute your computer to be the most likely to break. If it is not folded, when you are not working with it – the chances are even greater. Therefore, please be careful, when placing your laptop – you paid some money for it, after all.

2. Broken laptop DC jack socket. Laptop users could be very happy if their computers did not have wires at all. However, it is still a challenge for the future generations. So far we have to use DC adapters with wires and hence are limited referring to the energy source. If you don’t notice it while walking and pull it strongly, the jack could break. If your wire is not folded near the jack, the pulling out will not hurt, except for lost data, in case you don’t use battery. Otherwise – it could be broken.

3. Spilled liquid on a laptop keyboard is one of the most common problems. If you happened to spill some water or another quickly evaporating liquid – turn off your PC as quick as possible and try to absorb the spilled liquid with some kind of sponge or cloth. Do not try to tilt it, as you will only distribute the liquid across the motherboard. Try to remove a laptop keyboard and some cover to see how serious is the damage. Leave it to evaporate, you can use some heating source to quicken the process, just don’t apply it too close, or some parts will melt. If it is juice, tea or coffee with sugar – it might be more difficult to fix it. Sugar and other minerals do not melt; they stay inside the laptop or between the keyboard keys. In that case you might have to replace the whole laptop keyboard or even more parts. To avoid this kind of trouble – do keep your coffee cup at a distance from your computer.

4. Fallen keys from a keyboard. This kind of trouble is easy to fix. You can do it by yourself, just watch some YouTube videos on how to replace or nest the keys in your model. If you lost them – no problem, you could easily buy separate keys in the internet – eBay is of great help here.

By lexutor