The Xbox 360 – A Temperamental Genius

Before you brought your Xbox 360, you would have heard a lot of good about it from the marketing people at Microsoft. What they did not tell you was that for all its wonderful qualities, Xbox 360 could be likened to a temperamental genius. And this particular genius throws tantrums all the time.

Xbox 360 routinely gives the user problems. Its errors can be a simple annoying or outright difficult. And that is only the start. How can you repair your Xbox 360? If you are not prepared to dish out the money or wait the time for Microsoft to return your Xbox, you can try to fix it by your own hand. It is quite is, when you have us on your side.

Start by recognizing where the fault lay and then you can go about repairing it. The red lights circling the power button are a good place to start. They were designed with as in built monitoring system, for the lack of nothing better to compare to. Hardware failure is indicated by a solitary red light.. If the two red lights on your left hand are illuminated it means the console is overheating. Red lights 1, 3,and 4 together put across that there is a general hardware failure. When the entire circle is lit, the AV Cable is not detected.

On most occasions, the red lights are accompanied by a text on the screen. This message contains information that can aid you get a better idea about the things that need fixing. The red lights can be used in unique way to get a ‘second opinion’ on what is wrong. Some of the faults can be fixed very quickly, maybe within a couple of hours while others prove more taxing.

There is a ton of stuff to read about the type of problems that are crossing the malfunction and how to fix your Xbox 360.

By lexutor