The Samsung S3350 Provides Effective Chat Functionality

The Samsung S3350 Chat is an engaging handset that provides simplistic text functionality, and in some ways is reminiscent of a Blackberry handset. The unit comes with a display screen, underneath which resides a keyboard, offering user friendly data and text entry. The handset is a compact unit, which is 111 mm high by 61 mm wide, whilst only being 12 mm thick. In addition the unit weighs a lightweight 93 g.

The aforementioned display screen, as you expect from Samsung, is both enticing and endearing in equal measure, providing the means to display 256,000 colour combinations, within a pixel resolution that is stated at 320 x 240 pixels, and displays outstanding quality imagery. The actual size of the display screen is 2.4 inches, whilst being TFT in nature. For the purposes of navigation, the unit provides a useful optical trackpad that makes navigating around the relevant functionality, simplicity itself. As the name suggests, this handset is built with chat and texting in mind, providing a useful keyboard which is responsive and effective.

The handset comes with a range of useful technology and functionality which includes SNS integration, and multimedia MP4 player, in addition to an MP3 music player. The unit also comes with a stereo FM radio that has the added bonus and benefit of being able to record FM radio, as well as providing RDS capability. SMS, e-mail, MMS and instant messaging functionality are provided within the unit as well as a WAP 2.0 browser, whilst the inclusion of an organiser and voice memo function are useful features.

The handset comes with a range of connectivity options which include Wi Fi, for Internet access, in addition to micro USB, Bluetooth as well as EDGE and GPRS connectivity. In addition the unit comes with a microSD card slot, which is usually utilised to increase available memory capacity, which within this unit can be increased up to 8 GB.

The Samsung S3350 Chat, which is similar in many ways to the Samsung E2370, provides simplistic and effective functionality that is geared towards the consumers desire for text based functionality.

By lexutor