The Samsung Galaxy S Is a Classy Looking Phone With the Performance Credentials to Match

The Samsung Galaxy S was one of the biggest smartphone releases of 2010. The phone is backed up by a tech heavy spec list which tells us the phone is loaded with some very impressive features. Samsung has included a digital camera, full web browser and social network integration for good measure along with the likes of GPS and an inspiring visual experience via the high resolution display.

The most noticeable feature is the 4.0 inch Super AMOLED display which utilizes a pixel setup of 480 x 800 to generate some gorgeous imagery in with a mobile DNI engine (Digital Natural Image). Over 16 million colours can be displayed with this technology, which saturate the UI in beautiful, rich shades. The dimensions of the Galaxy S are 122.4 x 664.2 x 9.9mm; I know, the device is very slim and feels nice to handle, its pocket friendly to say the least and its sleek measurements only add to its classy appeal.

Samsungs Galaxy S uses the Android Samsung user interface in collaboration with capacitive touch technology which supports the multi-touch input method. The interface is smooth and responsive, the multi-page home screen system is effective and offers enough real estate to create multiple widget based shortcuts to the important applications like the social hub or the media player. Users can see both the Samsung Apps and Android Market for additional applications which can be downloaded and as the phone comes in either a 16GB or 8GB version there is plenty of potential space to store a large collection.

Along with the huge internal memory, the microSD slot is capable of taking up to 32GB of extra external memory which can also be used for storing audio, video and image files. The 5MP digital camera comes complete with AF and also boasts loads of settings, effects and editing tools for a more professional approach to mobile photography.

The Samsung Galaxy S has a dedicated social hub which will handle the likes of Facebook and Twitter, and integrate them with e-mail and IM messaging formats for a rich messaging social experience. A super fast web browser enjoys a 1GHz CPU for optimized performance and supports a variety of flash Media.

Not only does the phone provide an awesome visual experience, it also supplies users with the tools to generate large collections of music to listen to on the go, there is support for FM radio and the video player is capable of playing in a number of formats. The 3.5mm headphone connection is perfect users who enjoy taking there music collection with them. Satellite navigation is a must these days while technology like Bluetooth never dies, the Galaxy S also has an eReader application to read eBooks.

The Samsung Galaxy S is a classy looking phone with the performance credentials to match. A mixture of online aspects and multimedia support means the phone is an accomplished all-rounder, there are a ton of opportunities to customize the phones interface and knowing you have round the clock access to two online app stores is a bonus. All of this combined with its aesthetic appeal will no doubt bedazzle the market into buying one.

By lexutor