The Samsung Galaxy Portal – The Future of Android Smartphones

If you are looking for the future in Android smartphones, look no further. The new Samsung Galaxy Portal is now here. This sleekly designed mobile smartphone does not only look aesthetically pleasing, it is one of the most powerful and efficient mobile phones on the market.


With its 3.2 inch TFT HVGA touch screen, it is capable of a resolution of 320 x 480. This simply means that you will enjoy everything from videos to pictures, from mobile applications to mobile games, and from web to instant messaging. With this large mobile touch screen display, you will be able to view everything clearly.


You will be surprised with all the features jam packed in this mobile smartphone’s size and weight. With a height of 115 mm, width of 57 mm, depth of 12.9 mm, and weight of 120 g, you will baffled how Samsung was able to fit everything into this phone.

User Interface

What was once a craze and fad is now a standard of the times. You cannot call your mobile phone modern if it is not a touch screen mobile phone. The Samsung Galaxy Portal is purely touch screen. Get ready to enjoy more of touch and drag with the Portal.

Images And Video

With a 3 megapixel digital camera, 4x zoom, and autofocus, you are sure to record and capture nothing but quality. Thanks to the mobile phone’s optimal internet capabilities, you can share videos and images as soon as you record or capture them to your favorite social network.

Processor And Platform

Thanks to an 800 MHz processor and an Android mobile operating system, you are sure to run the most demanding mobile applications with ease; you are sure to run a variety of mobile applications smoothly, and the web will be more accessible and enjoyable. The Samsung Galaxy Portal is all about power.


Due to the demand on more efficient mobile phones, Samsung did its very best to answer the call. With a much longer battery life, you are sure to enjoy all of the mobile phone’s features at a much longer time. This means more mobile applications, more text, more calls, more games, more mobile media, more browsing on the phone, and more mobile fun.

Android smartphones have taken the mobile market by storm, due to their efficiency and power. With the Samsung Galaxy Portal, you get the future of Android smartphones.

By lexutor