The Important Elements of Selecting Screen Door Hardware

Whether you call them storm doors or screen doors, the important elements of screen door hardware cannot be compromised. Old screen doors were made simply of aluminum. However, today’s newer products include higher gauge aluminum and other compounds such as vinyl or plastic, rendering them much stronger.

You’ll find storm doors in any type of style that will suit the architectural style of your home. But, they also come in different prices. There are many reasons for that. One has to do with the style. The other has to do with the sturdiness. And there are still other differences that occur between the lowest priced storm door and the highest priced.

Color are certainly has a lot to do with it. Custom colors, which will complement the style of your home, and the colors that are already exist play a big role in determining the price. The fact is, doors with colors, must pass through a process that is both time-consuming and costly.

The hardware is yet another factor that helps to determine the cost of a screen door. In the higher end versions, you are able to choose from brass or silver, or even antique brass. This doesn’t come as an option in the cheaper doors.

One of the best ways to understand the differences is to get out there to various retail outlets and do-it-yourself centers. Get a hands-on feel on the difference between the more expensive models and the more inexpensive ones. Open and close each door to see how they differ in smoothness and in sturdiness.

But there’s more than that. The style and functionality are also important when choosing a screen door. There are certain features that are included in the more expensive ones that do not appear on the cheaper ones. Things like embellishments or ornamentation. Obviously, the higher end versions may include these. As for the functionality, this is probably one of the most important factors.

The way the door opens and closes, the amount of pistons and their location as well as their quality play a role. These allow you to have more control in adjusting to speed. In addition to that, the insulation also plays a role in determining the price. While some have no insulation whatsoever, others do. Although they will cost you more, you will be saving money by saving energy with heating costs on your energy bills.

By lexutor