Spruce Up Your Front and Back Doors

After winter there are always lots of clean up tasks around the house. It is time to take a close look at the door you use every day to come and go from your home. It is easy to overlook when you use it as often as you do, so now is a good time to “pretend” you have company coming and take a serious look at that very serviceable door to your home. If you have been considering a new door, what better time is there than spring to replace it and give your home a face lift.

Every few years a fresh coat of paint or stain should be applied to your doors to maintain their good looks and prolong their service. Perhaps you are disciplined enough to paint regularly, like changing your heater and air conditioner filters. If you are not so inclined, however, now would be a good time to take a critical view and perhaps take the task a couple of steps further.

With a fresh coat of paint you can change the look of the entrance, whether it is the front or the back. Consider a bright eye catching color that will contrast with the house color, but still be a pleasing addition to your home.

Take this opportunity to update your door hardware and outside light fixtures. New hardware is available in many styles and price ranges. Match your new light fixture to the style of hardware for the door in metal finish and style. Add a new door bell while you are in the hardware department. New address numbers will speak well of your efforts and make it clear that your guests have arrived at the correct home.

A fresh new door mat will add to your new look. You can change door mats to suit your mood or the season. There are so many available in a great variety of styles, colors and patterns, you will even find some to show your personal sense of humor.

Don’t save all the sprucing up for company; you can add a pair of garden vessels on either side of the door with matching structural plants, leaving room for some annuals for a splash of color and a trailing vine for interest. You too will enjoy your creation every time you enter or leave your home.

Now that you are ready for company, why not make a few easy changes to the inside with similar steps.

By lexutor