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Star Citizen: A Player’s Guide

Chris Roberts, the creator of Freelancer and Wing Commander, is proud of his new and upcoming crowd funded space exploration game Star Citizen. The main target of this upcoming title is to give its gamers unparalleled dynamic sci-fi universe experience. The creator is confident that it will be more than just a space combat simulator. It is neither going to be similar with any other first person shooter simulators or MMOs. The main catch is unlimited gameplay, but there is more.

It is believed that Star Citizen returns to PC gaming in its true glory belonging to the genre of space combat. Bigger game experience, more customization options and highly detailed game map is expected of this game. Star Citizen features full rigid body simulation for its ship and its handling. The following new bits of information pertains to the recent development of this game.

As of late, Robert Space Industries offered a sneak peek at Star Citizen update in regards to development. It has plenty of details that gamers would never want to miss.

The developer acknowledges the fact that expensive parts do not mean the right parts for the job of for the ship. It was further stated that the pilot of the most sophisticated ship can be outsmarted by a highly skilled pilot flying a smaller craft. So, the developers added the ability build your ship based on your preferences and not based on standard choices.

Moving on, once you play this game you get the ability to live your space adventure the way you intend it to be. In this game, you will be in the midst of a living universe surrounded by allies and friends or adversaries and other strange things.

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You will have the ability to navigate you way through the galaxy. And while exploring the universe, you can be a mercenary, a merchant or any person you like. Therefore, you will be in charge of your own voyage through space in the upcoming Star Citizen.

You will have full control over the customization of the ship that you use. This is the one of the important promises of the game’s developer. Having unlimited control over ship modification you can rearrange mass, power consumption, signature, ship CPU and other things based on what works for your own ship.

In conclusion, much importance is given to every choice you make or want to make in Star Citizen. In this game, you can manipulate or decide on other things besides your ship’s structures. You can fully select your profession. Star Citizen will unfold based on the personalizations you make during gameplay. Last but never the least, the gameplay in this title is based on real Physics. In this game, nothing is impossible and you can head for the stars at anytime. To learn more, click this.