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What To Look For in a Dog Boarding Facility

If dog owners have it their way all the time, they wouldn’t want to separate themselves from their pet buddies. The thought of having to leave your animal best friend under the case of another person is just too unsettling at times. Hence, it is your job as a pet parent to look for the best dog boarding every single time you need to go out of town for an extended period.

But how do you distinguish the best dog boarding from the rest out there? In this article, we’ll help you figure that out by enumerating the things you should look for in dog boarding.

1 – Size
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You have to understand that in choosing the perfect dog boarding, size always will be a major factor. Simply put, you can’t risk putting your pet in a place that is obviously congested and limited. Now if you have a particularly large dog, it is important that you find a facility with a kennel big enough for your pet to fit in.
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2 – Clean and Ideally Maintained

See to it as well that the facility is clean and properly maintained. It makes zero sense at all to choose a very large facility only to realize that management isn’t doing enough to maintain its cleanliness. A filthy dog boarding facility could carry or house viruses and diseases you definitely don’t want your dog to obtain.

3 – Safety Features

Considering you are leaving your dog to someone you have no other choice but to trust, it means you must ensure that the place is safe enough for your buddy to stay. With regards to safety, there are several things you need to put on your checklist, including fences and gates, animal monitoring which could include cameras, and a sufficient number of staff to control the animals.

4 – Enough Area for Exercise and Play

The kennels aren’t the only ones that need to be sufficient in size. Choose a facility that has enough open space like a large yard to which dogs can freely move and play since that is one thing you never should take away from them.

5 – Health Care Features

It may not be a necessity for dog boarding to have veterinary care, but you still should choose a facility with a doctor on call in case of medical emergencies. As a dog owner, it gives you the peace of mind and certainty that your dog will be taken care of in case some accident happens that led to an injury or whatever.

In the end, you just can’t put your dog on any boarding facility without considering those five things because the number one thing you want every time you are away is to feel confident that your canine buddy is in good hands.