Searching for the Best Cabinet Pulls

The first question to answer is a fairly simple one. Deciding between knobs and pulls is rather simple because there are only two choices. Some people try to match the hardware on their doors throughout their house, by choosing knobs if they have door knobs and handles if they have door handles. However, this is not a necessity. Other people try to match the hardware with all of their bathrooms and kitchen in the house. This provides a very nice flow and ties the whole house together, even as different rooms offer different styles.

Colors and Materials

After you decide whether you prefer handles or knobs, then it is time to think about the colors and the materials. There are many different kinds to choose from. It is a good idea to start by considering the color that will look best with the cabinets you have. Some retailers will even allow you to take sample cabinet pulls home so that you can hold them up to your cabinets and see which one looks the best. If you are in the process of purchasing new cabinets, then the task is even simpler because the cabinets are in the same store where you are looking at cabinet pulls.

Most cabinet pulls are either a silver or gold color, and most of them are made of different types of metal. Some cabinet pulls are made of glass or plastic, although metal pulls are certainly the most popular at this time. There are also many different types of metals available in cabinet pulls. Brass, nickel, and bronze, are just a few of the metals that are available. In most cases, there is very little difference among all of these metals other than the color, so there is no one particular material that is expected to last longer than the others.


As with anything, quality and durability are always very important. You may think it is a bit difficult to test quality on cabinet pulls, but the answer is actually quite simple. Heavy metals are of a much higher quality than lighter metals, so take some time to feel the weight of the pulls before you purchase them. If you are purchasing plastic or glass cabinet pulls, then keep in mind that durability might be an issue, especially with plastic pulls. There usually is less of a problem with glass pulls, but neither of these two materials will be as durable as any of the metals.

If you do wish to purchase pulls online, then a good course of action is to purchase just one pull first. This will allow you to place it up against your cabinets and see if it will look good. It will also allow you to weigh the pulls in your hand to see if they are of good quality. Often online retailers of pulls make it very difficult, if not impossible, for you to return the products and get your money back, so it is best to start out with a few samples first.

By lexutor