Schlage – The Finest in Cutting Edge Locks Hardware

New Technology, Classic Designs

Schlage has always been known for making top quality locks hardware and security systems. Since the 1920s, the company has been at the forefront of lock technology with specially designed keys that are resistant to copying and tampering. Now, they have several new options in home security including keyless deadbolts.

The new line of Schlage deadbolts features the use of keypads. Only an authorized person can enter the door with an assigned 4-digit combination. A total of 19 unique pass codes can be saved at a time. These keypads are not the clunky obtrusive machines you might imagine. In fact, they are neatly installed in regular, classical looking deadbolts and levers. They can fit on any American prep door, with no extra drilling. They come in several stylish designs including Camelot, Century, and Plymouth all available in bright brass, satin nickel and antique bronze finishes.

Schlage locks come in both lever and deadbolt designs, with either the AutoLock or FlexLock features. AutoLocks have no levers or thumb turn-keys on the inside. Five seconds after closing the door, they will automatically lock. This is great for shops, storage rooms and doors to basement stairways. Don’t worry if you are locked in — there is an emergency button for a panic-free exit. With FlexLocks, turn-keys on the inside allows manual locking.

Remote Unlocking and Keypad Access

One of the best new features of the Schlage lock’s hardware is their network capability. Their keypads can communicate via Z-waves, making them accessible online through the Bridge secure software. This allows you to manage pass code assignments through a computer or phone, wherever you are. You can remotely unlock the doors, or wirelessly block pass codes and assign new ones. If you are the administrator of the lock, you can receive emails and text alerts whenever someone uses the door. The Bridge identifies the person with the assigned four digit code. This is best for high security rooms which may contain cash, land titles, bonds and other important documents.

Also with the Z-wave network, you can add lighting and video camera accessories to your Bridge remote access. Even if no one is home, you can turn the lights on or off. You can also set the house lights to “greet” you and turn themselves on ahead. The network capability needs no extra wire or locks hardware. The necessary tools are already built-in with the door piece, together with a 9-volt battery. This alkaline battery has a lifetime of 3 years. There is also no need to remove the deadbolt from the door if you have to program it. The keypad itself can be used to program the locks and assign pass codes.

By lexutor