Samsung Releases Nexus S, The Next Generation Of Google Phone

Samsung and Google recently released the next generation of the Google Phone, the Nexus S. Several new features and sales strategies have the companies hoping the device fares better than its predecessor, the Nexus One.

The biggest difference is that the Nexus S, which is based on the same mold as Samsung’s Galaxy S, was made available through electronics chain Best Buy. Consumers can purchase the new smartphone for $199 with a T-Mobile contract or $529.99 without.

It seems the two have learned from past mistakes, when Google released the Nexus One only through an online store operated by the company. Lagging sales forced a premature shutdown of the store, a miscalculation that Google and Samsung are hoping to avoid by releasing the Nexus S through Best Buy.

But the device’s features are what set it apart from other smartphones.

Most importantly, it is currently the only device on the market that contains the latest of Google’s Android mobile operating system, version 2.3, internally codenamed Gingerbread by the company. By all accounts, changes in the new version of Android are minor, such as the inclusion of a cut-and-paste tool.

While it’s believed a version 2.3 update will eventually be available for other smartphones, nothing has been guaranteed, giving the Nexus S a distinct advantage.

After the operating system, another new feature catching experts’ attention is the device’s Near Field Communication capability. Right now the technology is limited, but abilities may vastly expand in the future.

NFC is hardware included in the device that is a short-range scanner for detecting and reading computer chips. The technology works from only centimeters away.

Eventually, NFC could be used for making payments directly from a user’s smartphone. He or she will be able to tap their device on a payment terminal to make a purchase.

But that technology is still down the road. Initially, NFC will be used to make advertisements, such as movie posters, interactive. For example, a users can tap a movie poster that contains an embedded chip and the device’s browser will instantly take the user to the movie’s online preview.

Samsung is hoping the Nexus S only enhances the company as the top original equipment manufacturer for smartphones. According to comScore’s report on October numbers, released earlier this month, Samsung has 24.2 percent market share. That’s an increase of 1.1 percent over the July report.

By lexutor