Remote Viewing Explained

Remote television viewing on your Slingbox is not only an extremely useful tool, but also a great way to enjoy all of your favorite programs while on the go. Using any high speed broadband connection, you can turn your monitor into a high quality and high speed television viewing apparatus. But what exactly is remote viewing? In this article, remote television viewing using a Samsung TV will be explained and detailed.

First, this article is going to detail all of the particular details that need to be worked out on the home end. This will be where your actual Slingbox peripheral will be attached to your television, for this I recommend Samsung tvs or a 22 inch LCD TV. The first step if to connect the Slingbox unit to the television that you want to have control over. You can attach the Slingbox via S-Video, composite, or a co-ax aerial cable.

Next, you need to connect the Slingbox to your broadband router. Your router should be attached to cheap laptops, as more expensive ones are not as cost effective. Once attached, you need to procure the Slingbox software, which comes included in the Slingbox packaging or available on the Slingbox website. To properly set up the software, you need to connect the Slingbox to your router and allow external connectivity to your Slingbox. The easiest way to do this is with the included Slingbox software. However, if this doesn’t work properly, you can manually forward the ports, the numbers of which are updated frequently and are available on the Slingbox homepage. Once this is all taken care of, you will have a Finder Identification number that you will need at the “Away” end. The away end is typically described at the end where you will be doing the remote viewing.

This will be the final part of the article, where we will finally detail how to set up the actual remote viewing aspect of the Slingbox. For this section, you will need either a PC or a Macintosh with a high speed internet connection. First, you need to download and install the Slingbox software onto the desktop or laptop that you want to view your television on, which you can acquire from . Next, you will need to make sure that you are set up properly to your internet connection, and that you are truly receiving high speed internet. If this is not the case, the video that you will be viewing will be choppy and pixelated. Once this is done, you should start the actual Slingbox software, and enter the Finder identification number, and once this is done you will be able to start streaming television on your computer.

By lexutor