PS3 Not Working – Try This

If your Ps3 is not working it can be caused by a few things. Something as simple a cable being loose to something a little more sinister but it is possible to fix them all with a little bit of know how. There are five main ways to get your PS3 back on its feet and to get you gaming as quickly as possible.

1. Sending your console back to Sony for repair could be a no brainer for most people but you need to be aware of a couple of things. They will carry out the repair on your console for free as long as your ps3 is still under warranty. Sadly if it is not then you could end up paying around $150 for them to do it. There is also a time issue as in a majority of cases you could be without your PlayStation 3 for about 6 weeks. It has been known that hard drives get wiped when a console is sent to Sony so you would lose all your saved information. In some circumstances you don’t even get your original console back but a reconditioned one.

2. Try disconnecting the console from the mains, check that all the cables are in securely. Are the cables damaged? If not turn the console back on. If there has been a power surge this can knock your ps3 out but performing this simple test can rectify it.

3. Overheating is a problem for your PlayStation 3, is your console hotter than usual? Are there any places that feel warmer in particular? Have a look at the vents on your console sometimes these can get blocked with paper or dust. If there is a blockage remove it as this restricts the airflow to the ps3. If your console has been running for a long time and the problem occurs you may want to switch it off for about an hour so it can cool down. If this problem persists you may need to consider buying an external fan unit for the console.

4. Removing the hard drive can often fix a ps3. Before you get worried about taking screwdrivers to your console do not panic it is easily done. Sony even let you know how to do it in case you ever wanted to upgrade your memory. There are instructions on how to perform this all over the internet so you should find the help you need there. Remove the drive a couple of times and reconnect it.

5. Okay if you are still having problems then this could be an issue with the motherboard. If you want you can still fix this issue at home but you may need help. The help I am talking about is a PlayStation 3 repair guide, as it contains all the know how to get your ps3 up and running quickly.

Rob Sheffield has written such a guide that with the help of videos makes repairing the yellow light of death much easier than ever before. The instructions themselves are step by step and lead you through the process with a minimum of fuss. If you are looking to fix your console yourself and avoid costly bills I suggest you take a look at it.

By lexutor