There are many different types of computer services needed to keep computer functioning physically or functioning to the maximum capabilities internally. Some of the different types of computer services to help a computer function better internally are data processing, storage, cloud protection, and internet servicing. There is one type of service that needs to be done to maintain the physical aspects of a computer and this is called computer repair. Internet servicing can be interchanged between physical and internal function. A manipulation of data by a computer is known as data processing. Data processing consists of three different functions. They are the conversion of raw formation to machine readable form, provide a memory output to devices, and formatting the transformation of output.

What Is Storage And Internet Service

One of the main functions of a computer is to store data or information. Computer data storage consist of retaining digital data and recording data. What is unique about the storage of a computer is that it automatically stores data in a hierarchy. The computer stores fast, small, and expensive data close to the central processing unit and the slow, larger, cheaper information is stored farther from the central processing unit. Computer data storage is very important because if it did not exist computers would only perform fixed operations and immediately output the results. Internet services can be provided in many different ways such as commercial, community-owned, nonprofit, and a privately owned. The companies who provide internet  services are called internet service providers. Internet access, domain name, internet transit, web hosting, and collocation are all forms of Internet services.

What Is Cloud Protection

A system that is put into place to protect policies, controls, procedures, and technology is called cloud security or cloud computing security. The purpose of cloud security is to protect data, customer privacy, and support regulatory compliance. Cloud security can also be designed to cater to the needs of a specific customer or business. A benefit for businesses in relation to cloud security is that it lowers administrative overheads and allows for the IT team to put their focus elsewhere. DRaas, for example, is a form of cloud security and it stands for disaster recovery as a service that is the hosting and replication of a physical or virtual server. What makes the disaster recovery plan so unique is that it does not need to be stored over the internet and because of this if a natural disaster occurs the time to return applications to production is greatly reduced.

The disaster recovery plan can be used in large companies and small businesses but it is especially recommended for small and medium sized businesses. When a business is considering a disaster recovery plan they should take some of the following factors into consideration. The first is what percentage of customers can the service provider support during a natural disaster. Number two when information is available for recovery. Number three what happens if the company cannot recover the information. All these factors should be serious considerations before choosing a cloud security service provider. The benefits of cloud security is that the security is centralized, it reduces company cost, it reduces a security administration needs, and it is reliable.

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