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Accounting Firms Also Need CPA Marketing Strategies Even accounting firms need to grow to remain in business. Growth is achieved if these three things are also in the right places. These three things are your existing and prospective clients, a solid brand that reflects what you do and marketing efforts. Sadly, cpa marketing is the one that is usually overlooked. Without marketing, your firm will not be recognize therefore new clients will not know that your business exists. Marketing for CPAs may sound like a big task to make but with these five simple suggestions, it should not be that hard to do. It does not matter really if you do only one of the ways or do it all together, what matters is that you do it seriously to make it effective. Accountants themselves cannot do the marketing works by themselves, so the first thing to do is to get someone or a group of people to do this for them. You may give suggestions as to where, how and what clients you want to reach, but the actual work should be done by your marketing team. This does not suggest that you hire a senior marketing manager right then and there. If your firm is quite small you can contact a marketing coordinator instead. The decision to hire a team or only one person to implement CPA marketing strategies depends on how much growth you want to see.
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The second method is to regularly visit your clients. You and your existing clients should maintain quality business relationship. Are you adding valuable service every time you meet your client? Your existing clients can attract more clients for you through referrals if they are proud and happy doing business with you.
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Moving on, the third way is to come up with a referral strategy. This suggestions, goes hand in hand with the second method described earlier. You greatest referral source is your present number of clients. So if they are happy with the things you do for them, they will soon be introducing their partners or other people to your firm. Next, if your firm can afford it, you can organized events. If you decide to do this, you should not do it yourself but get your marketing coordinator to do this job. Take note that people might find it hard to come to your event because of schedule or location issues. Instead you can hold a webinar which is more convenient for your target audience. Last but never the list is to form alliances. Network with people who can spread your brand. Your business partners, in addition to your clients, can also give your referrals. One accounting firm differs from another. One method may be helpful to one firm but not the other. It is important to pick at least two or three methods that will work for your firm.

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