Porting from your current service provider to a great one like Airtel is really easy – and the payoffs are tremendous!

MNP is an abbreviated form of the term ‘Mobile Number Portability’. This feature allows customers to ‘port’ or shift their number from their current service provider to a new one, without changing the phone number. Before MNP was introduced in the country several years ago, you had to disconnect the earlier number and then buy a new SIM with the new provider and get a totally different phone number.

MNP is easy to do, though it requires some amount of coordination between the two service providers, old and new. You can initiate the porting request with your current provider and approach the new provider meanwhile to take the process forward.

Why port at all?

There are various reasons why people port their numbers, but these reasons stem from dissatisfaction with the current service provider. You could be using an expensive plan that always runs out of data, or which does not provide any benefit, or which has patchy network. Or you could be moving to another city where your current service provider does not have network at all.

  • Porting your number lets you seek and work with the best mobile service provider in your city. Thus, you get the advantage of superior products and services from that provider.
  • You can retain your number and all your contacts when you switch from one provider to another. Just transfer all your data to Google Storage before you make the switch, or before your current SIM card is deactivated. That way, all your data can seamlessly be transferred to the new SIM card.
  • MNP is possible for both prepaid and postpaid connection.
  • MNP hardly costs any money. You must pay for the new SIM card and any nominal transaction costs that the new provider levies.

But who do you port to? Check out Airtel MNP offers

Porting itself is simple, but did you know that it is also rewarding? Airtel postpaid has superb MNP offers that will make porting to their network worth your while!

* When you port to Airtel, you get loads of useful MNP offers to sweeten the exchange. Under the #airtelThanks Benefits, each MNP transferee gets free add-on Airtel connections for family members, 3 months free Netflix subscription, 1-year free Amazon Prime subscription, and access to Zee5 TV shows and movies absolutely free.

* The MNP is done in 3 simple steps and has a maximum downtime of 4 hours. There is no physical documentation to be done from your end.

* The current Airtel MNP offers give you one SIM for Rs 399 for yourself. It provides 40 GB data, unlimited calling, access to Zee5 and Airtel TV apps for free, and one-year free Amazon Prime subscription. You can also check out the Rs 649 plan that gives you two connections – one for yourself and another for a family member – 90 GB data, and the #airtelThanks benefits mentioned above.

By lexutor