Digital imaging is nowadays not only used for medical applications and military strategy but also it plays a crucial role in modern day plumbing. With the use of modern technology, a plumber can utilize a small waterproof and full-color camera to diagnose plumbing problems before they become bigger problems. The pipe inspection camera can be used for inspecting sewer lines or any other drainage systems in your home or office. While most of the homeowners see it as excessive use of technology, these cameras have become an important diagnostic tool for proper drain cleaning.
A digital imaging camera used in inspecting pipes is nothing more than a tiny high-quality camera attached to a flexible rod. These cameras fit in almost any pipe, and thanks to their flexibility, they can travel to the hard-to-reach curves and bends of the pipe. They are then connected to a mobile device or a screen where a plumber can see what is in the pipe or drain line.

The digital drainage inspection cameras are nowadays used to diagnose plumbing problems that in the past would have required digging up, demolishing or even disassembling walls to reach to the pipes. Initially, these cameras were used by high-end plumbers to locate clogs or leaks in the pipes. But they have now become more affordable and they can be used by non-professionals in a home or even office setup. Some of the modern digital cameras can access spaces as small as a three-quarter inch and capture high-quality images that can be stored in a memory card.

Uses of drain inspection cameras

These cameras have become an essential part of modern day plumbing as they help in addressing various issues such as finding clogs in plumbing pipes, locating leaks, drain inspection, diagnosing problems with HVAC systems, finding leaks in vehicle engines, diagnosing issues with electrical wiring and getting a clear view behind the walls. Routine sewer and drain inspection have many benefits.

Important for your health

Leakages on sewer lines can cause adverse health effects for the public and people in your household. Drainage lines that are not properly maintained can back up which leads to flooding. By use of inspection cameras, problems with the sewer lines can be detected so that repairs are done immediately. Some of the common drainage problems that can be diagnosed using the drain inspection cameras include clogs, tree roots, damaged and broken pipes. When these problems aren’t addressed immediately, they can end costing you an arm and a leg to perform repairs. They also put the health of the public at risk.

It can point to the exact location and nature of the problem

Inspection cameras can pinpoint the exact location and identify the nature of the drainage problem. They provide critical information that your plumber can use when conducting repairs or when doing a thorough drain cleaning. With the drain inspection camera, there is no guessing or speculating. Routine drain inspection and cleaning help to keep your plumbing in good condition to prevent further damage that is caused by drain line leaks.

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