Is it easy to get Internet services in Germany as a foreigner?


Can you really imagine your life without the internet? No one in this era can! Many people are even relying on the internet to earn their income as millions of people nowadays are freelancers. Keeping that factor aside, the internet is what keeps us connected to the world. You can get in touch with your family, get social, play games, watch movies, and thousands of other things, thanks to the internet. But what if you are shifting to Germany and thinking if you will be able to get good internet access there? Will you be able to get a good internet provider? Let’s discuss it all!

What is the internet quality in Germany and how fast is it?

Many of you might think that telecommunication in Germany is top-notch and incomparable. But when it comes to the internet connection and its speeds, unfortunately, that is not the case! Germany is regarded as one of the few countries in Europe offering slow internet speeds to its consumers. The average internet speed in Germany is only about 20 Mbps which is definitely slower for the current generation.

Aside from that, the internet is not really cheap if we compare it to the other European countries. Mobile broadband is even expensive and it would not really be a good idea to use mobile broadband internet for daily tasks.

But still, if you are living in a big city, you might be able to get your hands on a quality internet service without having any type of problems.

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How easy it is to find internet providers in Germany as a foreigner?

Aside from the internet quality, you won’t really have to face troubles finding internet providers or services to offer you. There are a lot of internet providers you can get. In Germany, the most common internet connections are dial up, DSL, and wired connections. It depends on the service provider what it is offering to its customers.

What to look for in an ISP to get a reliable internet connection in Germany?

As I have stated earlier, the internet speeds in Germany are quite slower comparatively. But is there anyone to ensure you get a reliable ISP in Germany even as a foreigner? Well, yes, if you could keep the points mentioned below in mind!

1-   Connection Type

Connection type plays a crucial role in deciding how good the internet would be for you. For instance, satellite connection is usually the slowest, while fiber or wired connection is quite fast offering reliable connection to the customers.

2-   Speed

Of course, internet speed is what you will have to consider while opting an ISP.  It is better to go with the ISP that is at least offering more than 30 Mbps connection speed. Anything lower than that might create trouble downloading files or while streaming HD content.

3-   Reliability

What if your connection offers you great speeds but lacks when it comes to pings, latencies, and connection reliability? Well, your connection will be worse then. That is why it is better to check how reliable the connection is by sorting out the questions with the ISP first.

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Yes, the internet in Germany might not be as good as the country itself is, but if you can keep some important factors in mind, you can get a reliable ISP for sure. So start searching for it right away and see what you can get.