Is 3D The New Platform for Sports?

Now fans are no longer just satisfied with 2D images for sports. They are now looking for 3D as a way to improve the gaming and the sporting experience. This is not to say that the traditional 2D viewing experience is no longer good. It is still a nice experience, but compared to the 3 dimensional images well there is no argument in that. Watching sporting events with the use of this technology is beyond compare and an experience in itself- viewers can actually feel that they are part of the game and they can see the game in a whole new level.

For this year, there are two major sporting events were highlighted by this technology. The Masters Tournament at the Augusta National Golf Club was delivered on 3D and the World Cup in South Africa was also rendered in 3D images.

This was the first time that United States homeowners with 3D-enabled television sets and personal computers got to see the golfing spectacle on Augusta on 3D. This coverage of the sporting event actually marks a number of firsts. This was the first time that there was a live national and next generation 3 dimensional broadcast. This was also the first time that there was a live simulcast of an event inline and also the first time that the live multi-camera production was made available to the public.

Also the beautiful game called football also made a splash this year in 3D. For this year’s edition of the World Cup in South Africa, the technology was also used in full force.

For the World Cup event, the technology was not made available regularly or on 24-hour schedule compared to other sporting shows and events on many sports cable channels. The carrying of 3D is without charge, but the consumers were expected to have the HD set-top box plus the 3D television sets and of course the usual glasses.

With the big way of introducing the technology to sports fans, can we now say that the sporting world is ready to embrace this technology as its new platform? From the cost perspective, still this technology has a long way to go since the installation of this on consumers’ homes can be quite expensive.

But for entertainment value, the technology has plenty of help and this could be the main boost for 3D in sports. As of this time, the technology is still on the development stage but count on 3D to make a difference in the next few years.

By lexutor