Iron Shutter Hardware – Dogs, Straps and Special Hinges

The perfect hardware can make or break a window treatment. Many people prefer the classic style of window shutters, but finding the antique or antique replica hardware that best suits what you are looking for can be extremely time consuming, not to mention expensive. Here you can find exactly what you are looking for, without the hassle. We will never deceive you by passing off replica shutter dogs and shutter stays as antiques, and charge you an arm and a leg. We value your business, and want you to be confident in what you are purchasing.

Our hardware comes in several different metal choices, from aluminum and steel to solid cast iron, so you can choose the best one to match your home. We have all the hardware choices you need, including a large selection of strap hinges. Our designs are chosen based on their popularity in homes over the centuries, all across America. We have some replica pieces that are made specifically for brick housing, much like the originals they are based off of. Others are based more for wood, siding, or stucco homes. We know how frustrating it can be to find the perfect piece, only to have to find the mounting hardware separately, so we include this for you.

The length of the hardware varies, so make sure you choose the right length for your project. All of our pieces are hand-forged, so you know you will get the highest quality products. We also include limited warranty on all of our products at no additional cost to you. We understand how little touches can make a dream home turn into a reality, and do our best to provide the products that can make that happen. Check out LookInTheAttic online for all your hardware needs.

By lexutor