Introduction to the iPhone

iPhone is known popularly in the world as a smartphone. The main features of an iPhone, other than enabling messaging and Internet connectivity are its hardware, applications and media.

Regarding the hardware of iPhone, it is based on a touchscreen technology. It does not include a physical keypad. Rather, on its touch screen, it makes available for you a virtual keypad and keyboard for performing specific tasks. Due to the absence of a physical keypad, touchscreen of the iPhone appears much larger, if you compare it to any cell phone of the similar size.

An accelerometer in the iPhone allows this device to change the display, depending on whether you view it vertically or horizontally. iPhone, as a useful electronic gadget, even includes one flash drive located internally for storing data. Other features of the iPhone hardware include light sensor, digital camera, speaker, proximity sensor, Bluetooth, WiFi connectivity and Global Positioning System or GPS.

As for the iPhone applications, they are diverse. iPhone possesses certain applications that allow this gadget to perform various tasks. In addition, applications display on map the location of your iPhone through the GPS feature. They also help you in selecting local restaurants, play games and display catchy images on your iPhone. The iPhone manufacturer as well as third party organizations develop applications for this device.

Apart from using your iPhone merely as a cell phone to send and receive calls, you may use it as one effective media player. You may easily transfer songs from any home computer to the iPhone’s internal memory. You may also view documents and photographs on the color screen of your iPhone and watch videos in motion.

Any model of the iPhone that you buy comes with a dock connector, written documentation and USB cable. The instruction manual guides you on the iPhone’s utility and its safety aspects.

By lexutor