Improving Computer Speed With Memory Upgrades

Improving computer speed with memory upgrades is one of the cheapest ways to extract better performance from your computer. The other option is to replace the processor which will often be possible only if you replace the motherboard, which can prove to be expensive.

A RAM upgrade is however not too expensive although you will need to know what sort of RAM is needed for your computer.

How much RAM can your computer take?

First of all, you just cannot add 8GB of RAM to your computer just because you can afford it. Every computer will have a certain amount of RAM that it can take and it will depend on the number of memory slots it has. You can either check this out yourself or have someone check it for you. Once you have established the maximum amount of RAM supported by your computer, you can buy RAM chips accordingly. There are two types of RAM chips, DDR and SDRAM, and your computer will usually support only one of the two.

If your computer has just one memory slot, you will have no choice but to discard your older RAM and install the new one. If however your computer has memory slots that are empty, you can add RAM to your existing RAM, thus giving yourself more value for money.

What should you consider when buying RAM?

When you buy your RAM chips, you will need to pay attention to the bandwidth supported by it. Some people make the mistake of upgrading RAM with higher memory only to find that it doesn’t make much of a difference. The reason could be that they might have installed a RAM chip that is slower in speed than the processor which will essentially defeat the purpose of an upgrade. If you are not sure about the speed of your RAM, it is recommended that you ask a knowledgeable technician before making an upgrade.

Is self installation possible?

Self installation is definitely possible as a RAM upgrade often requires just the pulling of a couple of pins to complete the installation process. However, one will need to know what sort of RAM they are purchasing for their computer as that is where most people go wrong. You can instead have a technician take a look at your computer to see what sort of RAM it needs and then install it yourself after you have purchased them.

By lexutor