Impress With a Data Projector

What is a data projector? Well, whatever it is, I am sure you have seen one at least once in your life.

They have the magical power to reflect a certain image, set of images or entire videos on the wall, so that you may show them to your audience. Needless to say that data projectors are intended for use in large spaces, such as auditoriums, theatres, big classrooms and so forth…

Well you may be wondering by now why, of all the office supplies available out there, I decided to talk about data projectors. My choice is not accidental at all, dear readers, for I strongly believe that this powerful device may enable you to impress your professors and managers and subsequently help you advance in your career.

But let’s start from the beginning. Communication experts know very well that if you want someone to memorize the message you are willing to transmit you have to use images. In fact, the human brain is known to record images pretty well, because it associated them with certain ideas. Of course, this is the philosophy that underlies the so-called “subliminal advertising”, because those who work in the sector are aware of the fact that people tend to remember those products and concepts that are promoted through images that recall a specific idea, or a complex of ideas.

I know it may sound a little bit complicated, but don’t forget it’s philosophy we are talking about.

However, returning to our beloved data projectors, you may make clever use of such devices by simply keeping in mind the mechanisms I told you of previously.

So, if you want to impress your manager in order to convince them to promote you to that post you have always longed for, why not elaborate a project and illustrate it with a data projector? You may do some research on what subliminal messages are and apply what you have learnt to both images and videos.

Now, let’s say there is a contest in the office: the employee who presents the most intriguing ideas to sell a certain product will be promoted. Well, believe it or not, the jury, being made of people, will surely remember your project when singling out the worthiest employee, and might even select your project as the best one. The same applies to students. When you prepare for an exam, why not spending a few hours browsing for “clever” pictures to support your theses?

If I were you, I’d seriously consider this option; for it may help you get a higher score.

By lexutor