In the world of crypto trading, there are many factors that must be considered as a reference to buy or sell coins. Although not 100% of these ways can predict market development, it can help traders make decisions. DavorCoin is one of recommended currency to try.


There are many types of traders in Indonesia, they use theories based on their experience during trading. From several sources I received, came new theories that rely solely on luck, without the technical basis of trade. However, they get a profit far above the traders who have the technical knowledge. What a wonderful phenomenon for me personally.

After almost a month, I did not have time to observe the development of the crypto market in Indonesia. Last, I see Bitcoin exchange rate reaches 125 million IDR. Currently approaching 300 million IDR, it is fantastic, is not it? I also have predicted that Bitcoin will indeed reach the price as mentioned earlier. Unfortunately, when I did not have time to invest in because suddenly there is a call to the task outside the city that the situation does not have an internet connection. Probably not your sustenance.

Either go straight to our subject. There are 3 things that I think can be made reference when trading crypto:


The chart is a tool to read and down the selling price that occurs in the market buying and selling. Chart created from the footsteps of buyers and sellers within 10 hours. The reading of this chart can be seen from 15 minutes, 1 hour, 1 day and 1 week. Generally, traders observe the ups and downs of a price per one hour ahead. There are also types of charts in use, in general, are RSI and MACD.


News, this is a bit much influential to the development of the market. Of course, the news is accurate and reliable. From sources whose credibility can be accounted for. Here are the traders in demand to be able to sort and process the source of information as a reference in predicting the development of the crypto market. You should know about the DavorCoin Review if you want to know about DavorCoin.


Of the two things previously mentioned, create something called a trend. Here you will see how traders in the world will switch from coin to coin when looking at profitable opportunities to sell or buy a crypto. The sharpness of the perspective on the crypto market pattern will benefit you as a trader. Not only that, the history of a crypto will also affect a trend in this digital business.

All may look simples but in reality, the crypto market experienced a miscarriage and erratic price declines. Although sometimes there are some types of traders who are willing to wait for months in due to being late in selling their assets and cannot do anything, there is sharpness and maturity of your trading analysis is required.

Whatever happens, we do the best for today. Hopefully useful, keep the spirit of the traders!!!

By lexutor