Preventing security threats is a herculean task to be sure. For time out of mind humans have been threatened, taken advantage of or just plain scammed by other humans and devising methods to combat and prevent such behavior has been an exerciser in futility; until now.

With the advent of the Internet and digital technology, security measures have greatly advanced. Conversely speaking, criminal behaviors have advanced along with it. Cyber-attacks; email scams; identity theft and a myriad of other devious behaviors exhibited by our fellow citizens have been ushered into society in lockstep with the digital revolution.
Many of the afore mentioned crimes are new terms invented for the new crimes that are becoming rampant and ever more cunning. Not to mention employee behavior at the workplace. Attacks from within are also becoming more prevalent as technology advances, and serious measures must be taken to either prevent and/or deter them.

Compliance safety systems and those who develop applications for them have surfaced as the primary choice for combating difficult human behavior. That a simple binary language written on an atomic scale can effectively perform tasks in the real world is truly a miraculous development. The implications and applications of digital information are staggering and the people who work with data and create new ways of using it are at the forefront of technological achievement. That all of these digital and technological breakthroughs happened in a relatively short period of time suggests that there is a lot of catching up to do. Business models have cropped up as a result of this new digital world and there are many people working hard to develop and provide effective solutions to make this new world a safer place for everyone.

The Internet has made the world a much more accessible place for everyone. Internet history has barely been written thus far and the speed at which it has grown and is growing today has giving rise to all sorts of unforeseen things both good and bad. It’s a technological roller coaster ride that has seemingly taken on a life of its own.
Businesses either sink or swim in this digital sea of bits and bytes depending on the technology they choose to deploy. Going back to pencil and ledger is certainly an option, however, not many are choosing so.

With the incalculable size and scope of the world wide web the people tasked with business related security, i.e. “Compliance Safety”, are faced with challenges which are not for the faint of mind (so to speak), in that individuals taking on these challenges must certainly have a firm grasp on a great many advanced technologies.

The demand for technology experts is huge particularly on the security side of the coin.
Fortunately, the technology world is very cool to most everyone and more and more people are doing what it takes to become proficient in an area that many of us “normals” shy away from. Thanks humans; you’re all very cool!

By lexutor