How to Fix Blinking Red Ring of Death on Your Xbox 360

Many people do not know how easy it is to get your Xbox 360 fixed quickly, for a cheap price. You may not realize it, but you can get rid of the Red Ring Of Death in less than 1 hour! It is not always easy though. The first step in getting your Xbox 360 fixed is identifying your problem.

If you have an error code displayed on the screen, this can be used to identify your problem. Here is a simple list dealing with the most-likely cause of the Red Ring Of Death if your Xbox 360 is displaying one red light:

E45: (Not Yet Known)

E64: DVD Drive

E65: DVD Drive Error

E66: DVD Drive Error: DVD model

E67: Hard Drive Error

E68: Hard Drive Error

E69: Hard Drive Error

E71: (not yet known)

E72: (not yet known)

E73: General Hardware Error: Ethernet port

E74: AV cable error OR General Hardware Error

E76: (not yet known)

E79: Hard Drive Error

If your console is displaying two red lights, your console is experiencing overheating problems. This most likely came from one time when your Xbox was left on way too long.

If your console is displaying three red lights, your are experiencing a general hardware error. Three lights with the E74 error is the most common error for the red ring of death.

If your console is flashing four red lights, that means the system cannot detect the A/V cables. This can be solved by simply making sure your A/V cables are securely plugged in and the HD/TV setting is correct. If you still are facing problems, try using a friends A/V cables.

To fix the blinking red ring on your console, you need to file for a repair. This can be done by going to This is the official way to get a repair, and will fix your console. The drawbacks of this solution are that it can be very costly (up to $100) and it can take a very long time for repair.

The other option is to attempt to fix the console yourself. This can be done by taking apart the system, identifying the problem, fixing it, and putting the console back together. Unfortunately, you may end up damaging your system further using this method. If you chose to fix it yourself, I strongly recommend using a guide so you will know what to do and fix it correctly.

By lexutor