How a Live CD Helps You Test Hardware Problems

When you have a computer, there are times where it’s going to mess up. Many times there is a huge problem. When something happens to your computer it’s hard to tell sometimes if you are having a software related issue or a hardware related issue. If you have a software problem, all you need is a fix to your system that will make the issue go away. In order to determine this, you need to know if it’s truly messed up software or if your hardware is bad.

An example of this would be a keyboard related issue. If your laptop’s keyboard is not working, is it because the software is having trouble or are the keys actually messed up? There is a free way to determine this quickly and easily. There is something called a Live CD that you can download that will help you learn this. Many Linux distributions will give you a free download that you can get. Simply burn this to a CD to create a Live CD.

What this will do to your system is that you can boot your computer from the CD and be using Linux. While you might not want to switch to Linux as your main operating system, this doesn’t matter. Your computer will run from the CD temporarily.

The advantage of this is that you can now test your hardware. If your keyboard is still giving you trouble while running in Linux, it means that your keyboard is actually broken. If everything is working fine, this means that your Windows side needs a fix to it that will help your issue work better.

This is a technique that you should use to diagnose problems on your system. Once you know it’s a software issue, do what you can to search the internet about your problem to find out what you will need to do to get your computer back to normal again. At times it’s hard to tell if you have a hardware or a software problem. Learn how a Live CD will help you determine what is going on with your system.

By lexutor