Spring is near, and the sunshine continues to shine through the skies from being cloudy, dark and rainy every day. People want to get out and enjoy the weather, so it is hard to gather up the motivation that it takes to want to clean out your house. From keeping doors and windows constantly closed, due to the rainy weather, it is important to perform Spring cleaning of your home. You want to rid your home of dust, debris, and clutter for sanitary reasons and just for the sake of maintaining cleanliness throughout the home. According to Simple Most fifty-four percent of Americans find themselves struggling with a lack of motivation to clean their homes. After a long season of Winter, there is more likely to be a pile of clutter and dust throughout the home because people tend to stay indoors. However, it is critical that people find the motivation to Spring clean their home to keep healthy and maintain a safe environment for people around them.

During the Winter season, people tend to gather clutter in the home. Clutter in the home can be a huge safety hazard. According to the National Safety Council, 33,000 people died from falls due to clutter in the year 2015. Clutter itself is dangerous because people trip and fall over them causing bone breakage, hip fractures, brain trauma, etc. Many people do not realize the important of keeping a home free of clutter. It is more dangerous when you have children in the home who freely roam the house and can easily fall over old, warn rugs, boxes, open drawers, stacks of books, additional tables and or chairs, etc. In addition, if there are elderly in your home, this can also be a recipe for disaster due to the high risk of hip fractures or brain injury.

For the sake of your safety and the people you love who live in the home, you need to find the motivation to perform your Spring cleaning in the home. Start off by making a list of things you will need for Spring cleaning. One important thing that you may need is to rent out a large trash bin, because you will be throwing out a great deal of clutter and or trash. You can search the internet for dumpster rentals chicago il. From here you should get a list of rentals to choose from. Many companies offer you to keep the dumpster rental for seven days and if you need more time, you can always extend it. They will also deliver and pick up the dumpster once you are done after the seventh day.

You can search Start off small start by making goals of cleaning one room at a time. Also, it may be wise to ask someone to assist you with the heavy lifting and cleaning in general. It may be fun for you and your whole family to help with Spring cleaning because you can redecorate the place all together. Once you complete the large project of cleaning, you and your loved ones will feel like you moved into a new home, not to mention it is much safer.

By lexutor