Embedded Systems: Exploring the Design Requirements

There are embedded everywhere you go. The product development services, consisting of qualified engineers, are responsible for the system architecture and design of such. They normally put emphasis on the embedded system hardware design, high level tools, and not forgetting the software as embedded system are now equipped with a fully functional operating system. Below are some of the characteristics of an embedded system.

The first characteristic is that embedded are designed for a specific task. This is different from other computer systems as embedded cannot carry out multiple tasks. Also, these have real time performance standards that have to be met for safety and usability. Secondly, embedded are not always standalone devices as some of them have small computerized parts within a larger part that serve a more general purpose. Thirdly, the programs and instructions written on the embedded are called firmware. They are stored in read only memory or flash memory. The firmware normally runs on limited memory and computer hardware resources.

Before embarking on the embedded hardware design, most product development services of such have to put into consideration the following design requirements of an embedded system.

The first design requirement is the real time or reactive operation. This means that the correctness of a computation done on an embedded depends on the time the computation was delivered. The product development services responsible for the embedded hardware design have to take into account the worst case performance scenario.

The harsh environment that these work in also requires consideration. Due to the fact that most of the embedded do not operate in a controlled environment, the embedded hardware design should enable this computer to function even under non-survivable fire conditions.

Thirdly, the security of the embedded should also be considered. The HDL for ASIC or FPGA integrated circuits are used for the purposes of security. This is because HDL for ASIC or FPGA are secure microprocessors due to the fact that they support bit stream encryption. Designers have started using HDL for ASIC or FPGA integrated circuits for these as the hardware security of these is of paramount importance.

Lastly, the product development services of an embedded must always consider the cost. Even if such embedded systems have stringent requirements, the cost is always an issue.

It is a well known fact that most embedded have requirements that vary significantly in the design of the. The demands of a specific application normally dominate the hardware design of an embedded system.

By lexutor