Drapery Hooks – Easily and Stylishly Display Your Drapery

Drapery hooks are a simple yet important accessory for your overall window treatment arrangement. However, despite their important functionality to the style attributes they offer; these seemingly minute drapery accessories tend to get overlooked by many. With the large amount of different accessories being offered in items that serve the same functionality, particularly drapery rings, it is no wonder these diamonds in the rough have gotten lost over the years.

The drapery hook is fairly simple in design; offering the simple functionality of connecting the drapery itself to the curtain rod. However, while in fact the overall functionality is a simple concept, and there might not be a large amount of room in terms of variations and customizations; drapery hooks can still play an important supplemental role in the styling of your drapery set.

In choosing your drapery hooks for a specific theme or correlating drapery; there are a couple of items to consider that play an important role in determining whether or not the hooks will meld well with the pre-existing conditions of your theme.

The first of these items is the material in which the hook is manufactured. There are really only a few choices:

Plastics – Dyed or Natural

Metallic – Chrome, Nickel, Stainless

Wood – Oak, Cherry, Bamboo

Each of the choices listed are among the most popular in their respective categories. Wood drapery hooks function well in most themes, including modern. Plastic hooks are more so for those who want a quick solution to their drapery hanging needs; and do not wish to devote a lot of time to the styling aspects of the accessory. Metallic are currently the most popular due to their modern appeal through sleek designs and aesthetically pleasing look all around.

The second item to consider in choosing your drapery hooks is the overall design. Obviously, the design of the product is going to play a vital role in how well it will meld into your pre-existing theme and drapery set. However, some designs exhibit more functionality and durability than others. So for those who have heavy or large drapery, ensure that when you find a hook that exhibits the style qualities you desire also possesses the ability to function with your heavy-duty curtain.

By lexutor