Don’t Forget to Buy a Tool to Capture the Highest Fruit

The other day I was talking to one of my neighbors about a couple of fruit trees on the property line, actually on his side but hanging over this way and I said; “Aren’t you going to get those fruit way up there?” He told me; “oh heavens no, I can’t reach that high and at my age I don’t want to get on the ladder, I might fall off and break something.” I had considered what he said and thought; that his excuses were lacking any sort of logic or reason because you don’t necessarily have to get on a ladder, or go climb a tree to get the high fruit.

When I explained this to him, he just laughed at me and said; “hey, if you want to climb up there or find a way to get that fruit, be my guest.” I thought it was really silly because I often see fruit laying around the trees which is rotting on the ground and it just seems like a big waste to me, and I really don’t want those little flies out and around getting and all that rotting fruit. So, I went down the local Home Hardware Depot and bought one of those long poles with a little attachment on the end to pick fruit.

Indeed, I was in luck because they were on sale. The other day I went out and filled up a whole basket, about the size of a 5-gallon pail with fruit, and it was a lot better than the fruit he was getting at the lower levels on the tree, or anything you could buy in the store. The fruit was bigger and riper. I could have easily filled up six or eight 5-gallon pails full of fruit, but I had no need for that much. My neighbor is busy grabbing all the low hanging fruit, and he has plenty already.

For the mere price of $35, I now have all the fruit I could ever want to supplement my already healthy diet. It is amazing how lazy we are living in such an advanced society, that we don’t bother to think of a way to get at all that is available to us. I very much doubt if our ancestors would have accepted the concept of not bothering to get all the fruit that was available. If you own fruit trees in your backyard, you need to go out and get a fruit picking pole with a special attachment. Indeed I hope you will please consider all this and think on it.

By lexutor