DIY Flooring – Hardware Flooring Types

There are so many kinds of Hardwood floor types which make it difficult to choose from. These materials are preferred due to its beauty and durability.

The first step is to decide whether to get an unfinished or a pre-finished hardwood.

It was past practice to choose an unfinished hardwood due to the ease of selection, installation, and staining and adding lacquer to preserve its appearance and from wear.

It was cheaper to acquire unfinished hardwood including the cost of adding lacquer. It was a big difference before; now, it is quite small compared in the past.

Getting a pre-finished hardwood is more advantageous than an unfinished one. No more staining, sanding or varnishing. Just a hammer and some nails, the replacement and installation could be done. It’s friendly on the eyes and lungs.

Selection of the two types boils down to costing and the ability and time to allot on the project.

The selection process should be done first; consider the availability with the vast options that are at hand. Hardwoods come from all over the world like China, Australia, Brazil, and the United States to name a few.

Hardwood flooring starts at $5/square foot; in view of this, bamboo is introduced as a lower budget floor covering. Bamboo is different, but processed correctly, it becomes woody and hard. It’s perfect in decorative adornment with its yellow-brown color.

The Brazilian Walnut runs at $13/square foot which makes it one of the high budget floor covering materials. Many colors are there to choose from light brown, like the nutshell, or darker shades. This material is worth the money for it gives a very hard surface, good for long wear and installs conveniently.

Mid range costing for hardwood is the mahogany; though middling in the pricey aspect, its qualities are not. The rich, red-brown, dark grain that could withstand heavy traffic for decades is sought after.

This hardwood, despite of its low price, is not a low quality product. It’s final product is extremely durable. It is becoming a DIY-ers favorite. Proper finish will create beautiful flooring as any.

Ash can cost as low as $3 per square foot. It is a lighter side of procurement. It’s less hard than others. Rustic Ash is a variation that is suited in a room where getting the natural effect is a planned design. It’s a perfect choice.

Other types of hardwood are available in distressed, pre used form among others; this category now has opened another line to select for the wood. Old Style wood is still there. The installation of the hardwood will last for years and years.

By lexutor