Digital Camera – Best Cameras for the Year 2011

Nowadays, taking pictures are no longer associated with professional photography. It is more of a hobby, an everyday thing that is done almost every minute. Photography enthusiasts just love to capture the world’s beauty, whether the subject is a living or a non-living thing. And as they become more attached to their passion or new found career, their demands on photography also progress. There is always the need for continued learning of proper techniques and artistry, the pressure for a more favorable image result and the constant search for a better gadget. This year, several camera companies released their newest models, which comes with more advanced features and stylish designs.

If you are looking for the best digital cameras that are out this year, take a look at the list below and decide which gadget is the best for you.

The latest model of Samsung, is its Samsung TL500 which was released on April 1, 2011. It has a twist and flip Active Matrix OLED display with rear screen, high sensitive sensor of 1/1.7″ CCD type with 10 million effective pixels. It is RAW capable and has a charming design. Its main advantage is the fast f1.8 lens, which almost had the same capability of those entry level digital single lens reflex. It works perfectly well even in low light areas due to its ability to swiftly gather a lot of light. Its excellent photo quality output is even way too good for its purchase price. The down side? It comes with a bigger size that would not surely fit your pocket. Samsung TL500 is perfect for taking photos, but never mind the video. Its video quality is poor.

Nikon Coolpix P500 was announced in the public last March 26, 2011. It has remarkable features that are great for photo shots and video. The gadget’s main feature is the 36x wide-angle optical zoom. It is just like standing close to the subject when taking close up images, even if you are quite far. It also has a side zoom feature that allows the user to capture fast moving actions with the slightest blur. Its bad side is the incapability of RAW format, lack of auto rotation of images and inconsistent photo quality, especially in dim places.

Canon PowerShot SX230 HSis the perfect choice for poor lighted areas. It comes with several shooting options that allow you to experiment with different shots. Still it catches excellent color and produces sharp images. It has a back-illuminated CMOS sensor, GPS receiver and a wide angle lens up to 14x zoom range. Its down side is it has a short battery life.

By lexutor