Different Types of Banner Mounting Hardware

There are now new tools you can use to improve your marketing strategy. While the Internet and TV ads are the medium of choice, you cannot overlook the importance of print media. You should have good strategy for both. Tarpaulins and vinyl banners are still useful these days. They can still draw attention to anyone passing by. The good news is you can make it even more attractive by simply adding banner mounting hardware. You can use these mounting tools in trade shows and exhibitions. It is also useful if you have a retail location, or in case you need a sign to supplement what is already up in big bright lights.

Banners and tarpaulins

Banners and tarpaulins are the most basic types of outdoor promotional materials. These are the big signs you see mounted onto different areas, like wall attachments. The simplest kinds also hang from basic metal rods with stones or bottles of water. Your main goal here is to place these tools in strategic locations. Before going into where and how you will mount your banners, you should start with the mounting design first. Check out some media display stands online to give you more ideas.

You can set your displays at an optimum line of sight, but make sure it’s attractive enough to draw more attention. While installation is your next step, you need to know where you are going to set it up to figure out how to design it. What is your main theme; is it going to be portrait or landscape? Will it be stand mounted or wall pole? Are you considering putting it in vehicles? You should also consider these factors before designing the draft publicity materials.

Different types of banner mounting hardware

– Wall mounted banner

These are the most common banner mounting tools. They are made of hooks and lattice brackets so you can easily attach your display. The only problem here is you need metal wires to support the display and the platform. Some wall mounted banners come with special wiring to provide more stability. This is ideal for bigger displays.

– Light duty interior banner

This is a perfect solution for indoor banner displays or temporary outdoor banner displays. You can simply attach these to any flat surface with the proper hardware. These items usually include the mounting base, fiberglass rod, pin, and standard screws. The banner base is usually 2″W x 3″H, and you can mount it to the wall, which is a good alternative to the unsightly outdoor aluminum base.

– Customize mounts

There are also companies offering custom mounts. It can be quite expensive, but this option is more reliable. You can choose your own design for brackets and hooks. Search the Internet for distributors. Some cater to specific types of materials, while others offer wider service diversity. Look for media display stands from a reliable company with updated catalogues to service your needs.

By lexutor