Champagne – An Elegant Product of Audio Hardware

As we all know, every product is manufactured for a certain purpose. It includes the quality of the product and the design of it. You will find that there are many options of product in the market.

LG is one of manufacturers that always make the innovation for its products. One of the latest products from this manufacturer is “Champagne”. This is an audio hardware that is designed in an elegant design. This will be a good addition in room, for example, for a home theater.

This product is called “Champagne” because its speakers form similar to the shape of a glass of champagne to display the silhouette of beauty and luxury of an audio product. This will make your home theater looks more artistic.

This audio speaker consists of 5 speakers, 1 sub woofer and 1 DVD which are all wrapped with a glossy black color. This is also equipped with a host of advanced technologies that make it the best blend between art and technology.

The first technology that is used in this audio speaker is Scaling-Up Full HD resolution. This makes the resulting picture of the HTS is two times sharper than existing standard HD variants. “Champagne” is capable of producing high of 1080p resolution. Additionally, the sound quality that is resulted was number one because of the surround effect using VSM (virtual surround-matrix) that create surround effects much more alive.

Champagne’s unique shape is also not just for artistic impression but useful in producing a more clear sound through a parabolic speaker technology. This product is also equipped with Maximum Playback Compatibility technology that allows players to play various types of audio and video formats. With a power output of 700W RMS, this product has a sound quality that would spoil the listener’s ears.

Furthermore, there has been SimpLink technology, which is capable of performing this function through the Home Theater Systems LG TV remote. Finally, LG Champagne design is also very fit when it is combined with modern design and minimalist house.

By lexutor