Cabinet Hardware – What Finishes Are Available?

Many styles and finishes for cabinet hardware are available. Each variety is designed to accompany popular styles while maintaining a beautiful look over time. Some of the most popular finishes today will be discussed here.

Some finishes are more commonly used today on cabinet hardware than others. Satin or brushed nickel is one finish known by two names. In modern kitchens, it is popular finish because it mimics steel. Since modern is one of the most common styles right now, this finish used quite often. While it is not too different from stainless steel, it offers more variety of styles because the finish can be achieved on variety of metals. In fact, the most common metals given this finish are brass and zinc. Oil-rubbed bronze is another finish which is implemented mostly on brass or zinc. This finish is used to apply an Old World look or something more contemporary modern. Some of the variations of oil-rubbed bronze seem to have an amber or copper undertone. Others appear dark brown or nearly black.

Polished finishes are used to create a different feel. Polished brass was once, a decade or so ago, one of the most popular finishes. Zinc polished brass is cabinet hardware and door hinges. Polished chrome is used to create an Art Deco appearance. This finish has a silver-polished mirror finish lasts a long time because it hardly ever tarnishes. With this finish, like all polished mirror finishes, finger prints will show easily. Wiping them off is simple, however, and easily returns the metal to looking new.

Antique finishes give cabinet hardware a traditional look. Antiquing brass is quite a process. The hardware is coated black and then brushed, creating the appearance of aged, antique brass. Without a lacquer, the product would tarnish, so after being brushed, a lacquer is applied and then the product is baked. Antique copper is another popular finish. Finishes like antique copper are making it possible to have contemporary designs completed with a traditional finish. It is another finish that is commonly applied to brass or zinc. To create this look, the cabinet hardware is dipped in a copper flash, plated black, and brushed to create the antique look. While countless other styles are popular and available today on cabinet hardware, these options provide a good starting point to look at.

By lexutor