Baker’s Rack for Added Storage

Even in today’s cavernous homes, space is always at a premium. There just seems to always be more stuff than space to keep it in. One of the best and most innovative solutions to add both style and storage to your home is baker’s racks.

If you don’t know what a baker’s rack is, just think of the country kitchens of yore where homemakers cooked up pie after pie and set them on tall pieces of furniture that had wire racks for cooling baked goods.

While pie baking may be a rarity in your home, these racks continue to be popular choice in today’s homes, largely because they tie us to the past while offering space to expand in the future.

While traditional racks were open affairs with a tabletop in the middle and racks above, today’s models are built with the needs of modern homes in mind. They may forego the open space below, opting for doored units, additional shelving or even a built-in wine rack instead.

In fact, baker’s racks make a great wine rack and serving station in the home, allowing you to both store and serve wine all in one place. Plus, the table offers a convenient place to open and decant a bottle of wine or prepare some cheese and crackers or other appetizers.

If you have space in your kitchen for your new take on a wine bar, great. Otherwise this rack will look great in your family room, living room or great room. One of the great things about these furnishings is their versatility. They can go in just about any room you have, even a bathroom. There, the baker’s rack can store toiletries, a small hand mirror, some washcloths and lotions. It gives the bathroom a bed and breakfast feel for very little money.

When shopping for a baker’s rack for any room, know that there is an endless variety of styles, finishes and materials out there. You can get racks that fit neatly into a corner and make use of this often wasted space as well as those that will work well on a straight wall. Most baker’s racks have a few design elements in common, i.e., the wire or open racks that pies traditionally cooled on.

If you’re not a pie maker, you can use these to display knickknacks, your favorite cookware or dishes or use them for ready access to your favorite books, including your favorite cookbooks.

When selecting racks for your home, you want to choose ones that not only fit your storage needs, but your general d?�cor as well. Baker’s racks come in a lot of different styles, from country and traditional to contemporary and rustic. This makes it easy to find one that complements the rest of your furnishings while still adding much needed storage for books, wine, knickknacks, DVDs or things you only need seasonally, such as holiday serving ware.

You may even find that baker’s racks fit well into a bedroom, too. In a child’s room they can be used to display stuffed animals or favorite toys while still offering the child a small desktop that can be used for coloring or hobbies. Below, you can store extra blankets for the bed on those cold winter nights.

When shopping for baker’s racks to add extra storage in your home, you may want to search online first. Many online retailers have a solid selection of baker’s racks and shopping is made easier with built-in search engines. This allows you to shop by color, style, material or features. Even better, online retailers usually offer free shipping so you can place your order conveniently, knowing that your order will show up at your door within a couple days.

By lexutor