Bahama Hurricane Shutters

Bahama shutters are usually attached to the outside of a window, and are specifically made in order to protect the window and home from storms, rain and hurricane damage. The shutter itself stands out at an angle, attached often to the top of the window, so that it forms a type of awning over the window when it is fully opened. More common in the south, these are also sometimes called Bermuda shutters.

Traditionally these shutters were made from wood, however these days you are able to find easily affordable PVC and aluminum shutters which look fantastic and are much cheaper in price than wood shutters. Another plus with shutters made from PVC or aluminum is that they are usually more manageable and easy to open and close than the heavier wood types. They generally also stand up much better to direct and hot sunlight, although you do need to be careful with the PVC and make sure they are UV protected as otherwise they can tend to yellow with time.

While it can seem like quite an expense to affix shutters to the outside of your windows, especially if you have already gone to considerable expense to install window treatments such as curtains or drapes on the inside of the windows, they do have benefits that makes them worthy of installing. Also, once installed you rarely have to replace them for many years thus although an investment initially it does level out over the space of several years. It also has the added advantage of adding to the resale value of your home-a plus, if you are ever going to consider selling and relocating.

One of the main benefits is that they do offer very real protection from storm and hurricane damage. While the newer type of glass installed in windows these days is much less likely to shatter, there is still danger from objects that are picked up and hurled at the house by strong winds. Also, shutters help shield the windows and frames from torrential, sometimes sideways rainfall that can also sometimes be so torrential that it can almost batter its way into your homes through the framework.

They also add to the overall appeal of your home. Installing the same kind of shutters on all of the windows that are facing the main road or thoroughfare can give a consistency to your home that makes it very appealing when seen from the street. Of course, they do need to be kept in good shape. It is usual to have to do minor repairs after the hurricane season is over as it is important to fix small repairs right away rather than leaving them till later. It is very easy to forget that a shutter needs a hinge replaced until you go to close them up; at which time it may be too late to do the repair.

By lexutor