Baby Gate For Stairs – Hardware Mounted Or Pressure Mounted?

Because babies and young children like to explore every corner of the house, danger no danger, it is important to keep them away from certain part of the house. Even being the most attentive parent, we cannot keep an eye at all time on our little ones. This is why there are products to help us keep them safe.

One of the greatest baby safety invention is, with no doubt, the baby gate, which creates a barrier between baby and danger. However, not all gate are the same, and therefore different gate can have different purposes.

There are two distinguishable types of baby gate, the hardware mounted one and the pressure mounted one.

Hardware mounted baby gate

These safety gates are extremely sturdy. The only inconvenience is that they require parents to drill holes in their wall, door frame, staircases, etc. If you own your own house and do no mind a few drilling, these are excellent gates. And by the way, if you are looking for top of stairs safety gates, hardware mounted gates are the only one that are sturdy and safe enough to be installed at the top of stairs.

Pressure mounted baby gate

These safety gates have the convenience of not using any screws (therefore no drilling and holes!). They can be very convenient for parents who are renting, or do not wish to damage the house. They use a pressure system that keep the gate in place. However, pressure mounted safety gates ARE NOT to be used on top of stairs, as they are not safe enough. They can be safely be used at the bottom of the stairs only.

Top of stairs = hardware mounted baby gate

Bottom of stairs = hardware or pressure mounted gate.

The decision between purchasing a hardware mounted or a pressure mounted will depend largely on where you want to install your gate. If you are looking for something to prevent baby to go in the kitchen, both types of gate will do. If you are looking for a stairway gate, then wisely opt for a hardware mounted one.

By lexutor